American Rescue Plan Funds Providing “Fuel for Optimism” Across the Country

This week, Americans all across the country are continuing to see the positive impacts of the American Rescue Plan as state and local governments begin to put the billions they received to good use. From significant investments in rural broadband, to the expanded Child Tax Credit, aid from the American Rescue Plan is a game changer for communities hit hardest by the pandemic — no thanks to the Republicans who voted against it. 

Funds from the American Rescue Plan are a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in a recovery that benefits everyone, and state Democratic leaders are getting to work using these funds to upgrade rural broadband, help with higher education, and support clean drinking water.

In Wisconsin: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin rural broadband getting $100 million boost from federal program

“The state Public Service Commission will launch $100 million in broadband grant funding in the next two weeks from the federal American Rescue Plan Act, Gov. Tony Evers said Tuesday.

“It’s the initial batch of federal funds to be allocated for expanding high-speed internet service across the state, according to the governor, and it’s more than the state has spent on broadband expansion grants since 2013.”

In North Carolina: ABC11: Gov. Cooper unveils recommendations for NC’s American Rescue Plan funds

“The $5.7 billion in federal funds offer a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in North Carolina and ensure a shared recovery from the global pandemic, Cooper said. His recommendations include assisting families most affected by the pandemic, upgrading infrastructure, help with higher education and preparing the state’s workforce.”

Local leaders — both Democrats and Republicans — are speaking out about how American Rescue Plan funds have been a massive help for their communities.

In Michigan: Lansing State Journal: American Rescue Plan gives our communities the opportunity for local first pandemic recovery

“As a group of bipartisan mayors representing Michigan’s core urban cities, we’re hopeful about our communities’ ability to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic with a strong recovery. The recently approved American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is fuel for our optimism.”

In Ohio: Columbus Dispatch: Opinion: Child Tax Credit welcome relief for Ohio families

“The pandemic has been a struggle for parents, and the American Rescue Plan includes some game-changing elements that will massively help Ohio families weather this challenging financial time. […]

“This groundbreaking legislation puts money in the pockets of families like mine—stimulating the economy while helping pay for everyday needs, supporting childcare facilities and helping schools reopen safely.”

In Pennsylvania: The Morning Call: Congresswoman Susan Wild, Lehigh Valley leaders say Rescue Plan funding will fuel strong recovery for local governments

“I don’t need to explain to anybody how challenging the last year has been from the emergency room to Main Street. Our local governments have been pushed to the brink while facing an economic crisis and a public health crisis,” Wild said. “This funding says loud and clear that they will not bear this burden alone.”’