Americans Across the Country Protest GOP Tax Scam

While House and Senate Republicans are scheming to reconcile their wildly unpopular tax bills behind closed doors, Americans across the country are rising up to protest this scam of a plan. No matter how House and Senate Republicans in conference choose to reconcile these two tax scams, it will still be a disaster for American families and a blatant giveaway to billionaires and wealthy corporations at the expense of middle class families.

Read on for a look at what Republicans’ constituents are saying at protests happening nationwide:

Press of Atlantic City: Locals rally in Mays Landing to protest GOP tax bill

“About two dozen people rallied outside the office of U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo on Monday in protest of Republican-backed tax bills they say will raise taxes on many in New Jersey.

“The rally, organized by Action Together New Jersey, was part of a statewide effort to urge Republican members of Congress to vote against the tax-reform bill.”

Bangor Daily News: Protesters arrested for sit-in at Collins’ office released on bail

“The group — along with a sixth person who left before police arrived — gathered Monday afternoon inside Collins’ offices at the Margaret Chase Federal Building at 202 Harlow St. to protest her vote to support the Republican tax bill. Collin was in Washington at the time and did not communicate with protesters.”

WDTN News: Rally against GOP tax bill held outside U.S. Rep. Mike Turner’s office

“Dozens stood outside Congressman Mike Turner’s office Tuesday evening pushing for him to vote against the GOP tax bill.

“The event was called ‘Rally to Remind Rep. Mike Turner to Do The Right Thing!’.”

Idaho Statesman: 3 Idaho women arrested during Capitol Hill tax-reform protests

“Several Idahoans joined more than 800 people from across the country on Monday and Tuesday to descend upon the U.S. Senate and House office buildings in Washington, D.C., in protest of the GOP tax-reform bill.

“The protesters gathered in halls outside lawmakers’ offices, chanting and refusing to leave until some were arrested. Idaho protesters documented the activity in live videos on United Vision for Idaho’s Facebook page Monday and Tuesday, and three Boise women participated in the arrests Tuesday.”

Pittsburg Morning Sun: Residents protest GOP tax bill at Senator Moran’s office

In protest of the GOP tax bill, people stood outside U.S. Senator Jerry Moran’s (R-Kansas) Pittsburg office Saturday.

“When the protest was over they left Moran notes expressing their dislike of his support of the Senate bill.

“The messages were left on sticky notes and poster boards which said, ‘Why should corporations be allowed to deduct expenses, but teachers should not?,’ ‘Protect the Arctic’ and ‘Tax cuts for wage increase are absurd,’ and ‘KOCH Sucker.’”

WLOS News: People protest GOP tax bill with downtown Asheville demonstration

“There was a demonstration in downtown Asheville on Monday, in which people protested the tax reform recently backed by Republicans in Congress.”

“Monday's gathering is part of three days of protest that will also involve Hickory and Black Mountain. Protesters believe the tax bill gives generous tax cuts to big corporations at the expense of the middle class.”

CBS 8 San Diego: Downtown protests over DACA and the Republican tax bill

“Protesters upset over the Republican tax plan and those in support of DACA gathered downtown San Diego, blocking traffic on some streets.”

Staten Island Live: Dozens rally against tax bill in front of Donovan's office

“Rep. Daniel Donovan was one of only 13 Republicans to vote ‘no’ on the GOP tax bill passed in the House of Representatives last month, and dozens rallied in front of his office Tuesday morning to encourage him to continue to oppose the bill.”

Baltimore Sun: Protesters stage mock town hall on GOP tax bill outside Rep. Harris' Bel Air office

“Protesters expressed concerns over the tax cuts, which have been championed by Republican President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, saying they could harm working and middle-class Americans and enrich wealthy individuals and large corporations while adding more than $1 trillion to the national debt.

“The protesters held a mock town hall with a cardboard cutout of Harris, who was not present. Protester Brad Rosen, of Whiteford, portrayed Harris, and took a sarcastic tone answering questions posed by others about provisions such as repealing the estate tax on inheritance and eliminating a deduction for major medical expenses.”

Delaware County Daily Times: Activists sing carols at Meehan’s office to protest GOP tax plan

“Sunday was packed with exciting events: holiday festivities, the super moon and the Eagles seeking win number 11. None of that stopped about 50 social activists who gathered on Sproul Road outside the office of U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan, R-7, to protest the GOP-supported tax bill.”

Peoria Public Radio: Protesters in Peoria Decry GOP Tax Plan

“While city officials hoisted Illinois’ bicentennial flag above Peoria City Hall Mon., shouts from protesters could be heard a few blocks away.

“The grassroots organization Indivisible Peoria gathered about 30 people outside the Federal Building on Main St. to decry the Republicans’ tax cut legislation.”

WTVD News: Triangle protesters call GOP tax reform bill a scam

“A large group gathered in downtown Durham Sunday afternoon calling the GOP tax reform plan a scam. The group believes the bill will ultimately hurt the middle class and help the wealthy.”

Union Bulletin: Walla Walla groups protest US tax measures

“Under the large American flag in the heart of downtown Walla Walla, dozens of residents gathered at noon Monday to protest the direction the Republican-led Congress is taking the country with its tax overhaul plans.”