Americans Agree: Corporations and the Wealthy Should Pay for Infrastructure

A pair of polls this week undermines the central Republican argument against the American Jobs Plan – Americans not only support making massive investments in our nation’s infrastructure, but they agree that the wealthiest Americans and corporations should contribute more to pay for it.

Two-thirds of Americans support President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, and a majority support funding the plan by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

Monmouth University: “The poll also finds nearly 2 in 3 Americans support raising taxes on corporations (64%) and individuals earning more than $400,000 (65%) to pay for these plans.”

Fox News: “Yet nearly half favor Biden’s $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan (49-41 percent), and majorities favor paying for that plan by increasing taxes either on businesses and corporations (56-39 percent) or families earning over $400,000 a year (63-33 percent).

Polling has been remarkably consistent over the last few weeks – Americans think that corporations and the wealthiest in our country should contribute more to fund infrastructure investments, and reject Republicans’ argument that taxes should be raised specifically on everyday Americans who use roads, bridges, and more.

Washington Post: “Biden has proposed paying for the infrastructure plan by raising the corporate tax rate, which once stood at 35 percent but was lowered to 21 percent during Trump’s presidency. Biden has recommended that it be raised to 28 percent, and the new poll shows that 58 percent of Americans say they support the increase.”

CBS News: “To pay for infrastructure, most Americans would favor raising taxes on both large corporations and people making over $400,000 annually — seven in 10 each. Both of these measures find support among approximately half of Republicans, as well as large majorities of Democrats and independents. By contrast, only four in 10 Americans would support raising taxes specifically on people who use roads and bridges more.”