Americans Agree with President Biden’s Policies, So Why Do Republicans Oppose Them?

Several new polls released this week confirmed what we’ve been saying for months: Americans overwhelmingly support President Biden and Democrats’ policies on vaccine requirements and voting rights. So while Republican lawmakers are busy pushing their anti-science agenda, prolonging the pandemic, and passing anti-voter legislation, President Biden remains laser focused on delivering for the American people. 

Republicans have spent months fighting vaccine requirements and prolonging the pandemic, but that’s clearly not what Americans want. According to a new Navigator poll, Americans broadly support vaccine requirements, and net support for requirements has actually increased, including among Republicans.

Navigator Research: “Americans are more concerned about people getting sick and staffing shortages than imposing government mandates.”

Navigator Research: “A majority of Americans (57%) support vaccine mandates to slow the spread of coronavirus, and 2 in 3 support vaccine mandates in at least one situation.”

Americans also support President Biden and Democrats’ plan to protect voting rights, which is designed to counteract the restrictive voting laws being passed by Republicans across the country. 

Navigator Research: “More than 3 in 5 Americans support the passage of the Freedom to Vote Act, up a net 6 points from October.”

Politico/Morning Consult: “What about the Democrats’ Freedom to Vote Act, which will be brought up this week in the Senate? Many of its core provisions receive majority support:

— Expanding access to early voting: 65% support, 23% oppose
— Prohibiting partisan gerrymandering: 64% support, 19% oppose
— Making it illegal to prevent someone from registering to vote: 62% support, 24% oppose
— Making Election Day a federal holiday: 61% support, 26% oppose
— Expanding same-day voter registration: 56% support, 30% oppose
— Expanding access to voting by mail: 55% support, 35% oppose
— Allowing Americans with prior criminal convictions to vote: 54% support, 32% oppose
— Expanding automatic voter registration: 51% support, 33% oppose”