Americans Continue To Approve of President Biden Despite Republicans’ Best Efforts

President Biden has brought strong steady leadership back to our country after four disastrous years of incompetent leadership from Republicans. From tackling the COVID-19 pandemic head on to delivering a massive tax cut to millions of families, President Biden has led our country on the road to recovery. Six months into his presidency, President Biden’s approval ratings remain strong with a majority of Americans approving of the job he’s doing.

 CNNJoe Biden’s approval rating simply hasn’t moved in six months

  • “The lack of a topsy turvy first few months has translated to Biden’s approval rating. It’s been the most stable for any president since the end of World War II.”
  • “On the other hand, it’s been noticeable how Biden’s relative ranking on approval rating has risen the more time has gone on…Today, it beats Trump, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton’s. Barack Obama and George W. Bush’s approval ratings are within the margin of error of Biden’s approval rating.”

FiveThirtyEightWhy Biden’s Approval Rating Has Barely Budged In His First 6 Months

  • “Biden’s fairly static numbers are at least in part a reflection of the lack of major scandals in his administration as well as its avoidance, for now, of deeply unpopular policies — developments that have tripped up some of his predecessors.”
  • “Biden has polled very well for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, arguably the biggest challenge facing the country in the past year and a half. He’s won over even some Republicans on that front…Biden’s administration has also focused on trying to pass legislation that is broadly popular with a majority of the public.”