Americans Overwhelmingly Don’t Trust Trump and Think He’s Making Coronavirus Worse

New polls show that Americans overwhelmingly don’t trust Trump on coronavirus, think he’s done a bad job handling the pandemic, and is only making things worse. It’s no wonder after his failed response led to a record surge in new cases, is further hurting the economy, and is now leading to more deaths.

64% of Americans don’t trust Trump on coronavirus and 60% disapprove of his response to the pandemic.

ABC News: “Only 34% of Americans place a great deal or good amount of trust in what he says about COVID-19, while 64% trust him not so much or – in the case of nearly half the public – not at all.”

ABC News: “Just 38% in the national survey now approve of Trump’s response, down from 46% in late May and a narrow majority, 51%, in late March, a 13-point drop. Disapproval gained 15% in the same period, to 60%.”

Nearly two-thirds of voters overwhelmingly think Trump is hurting rather than helping efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Quinnipiac University: “A clear majority of voters, 62 – 31 percent, say they think President Trump is hurting rather than helping efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.”

Trump’s failed response has allowed coronavirus cases to surge to new record highs and is putting our economy further at risk.

CNN: “More than 77,000 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the US on Thursday, the most ever”

Wall Street Journal: “The U.S. labor-market recovery is losing momentum as a surge in coronavirus cases triggers heightened employer uncertainty and consumer caution.”

Bloomberg: “U.S. consumer sentiment slumped in July, missing all forecasts, after the resurgent coronavirus nearly wiped out any emerging optimism around reopenings.”

Deaths tolls are now beginning to rise again after Trump bragged about them being “way down” to defend his failed response.

Forbes: “Florida And Texas Both Set Coronavirus Death Records Thursday”

New York Times: “The number of cases in late June surged higher than during the outbreak’s first peak. At this same time, daily Covid-19 fatalities decreased slightly, leading President Trump to proclaim that deaths were ‘way down.’ But that divergence may have come to an end last week, when the average number of new deaths per day began steadily rising again.”