Americans’ Top Concern: Accessible, Affordable Health Care

A new Gallup poll released today shows that the top concern of Americans is the availability and affordability of health care. This does not bode well for Republicans, as seen with Conor Lamb’s win in Pennsylvania and Ralph Northam’s win in Virginia where health care was a top voting issue.


As Republican sabotage has led to more uninsured Americans and higher premiums, Democrats remain committed to expanding access to coverage for all Americans – and voters are taking notice.


Wall Street Journal: “Health-insurance premiums are likely to jump right before the November elections, a result of Congress’s omission of federal money to shore up insurance exchanges from its new spending package.”


Huffington Post: “Republicans have not given up on repeal, but their assault on the law has made it more popular than ever. Meanwhile, the midterm elections are approaching. For the first time since 2010, Democrats could have governing majorities in one or even both houses of Congress ― and, two years after that, control of the White House as well. The shift means that Democrats can focus more on the conversation they wanted, and were trying to have, all along. It’s the conversation about how to fix the Affordable Care Act’s shortcomings, in order to realize its ultimate goal of universal coverage.”


Vox: “Opposition to the Affordable Care Act helped sweep the GOP into power eight years ago. But after they spent the last year failing to repeal it while the Trump administration waged a quiet administrative war against the law, Republicans in Congress are facing the very real possibility that health care could animate the backlash that could force them out of power next year.”