America’s Top Generals: Donald Trump is “Dangerous” and “Unfit” to Be Commander-in-Chief

As Donald Trump tries to rewrite his record on the world stage, here’s a reminder that our military’s top brass – including those who served under Trump – have condemned the disgraced former president’s reckless behavior on the world stage and slammed his dangerous foreign policy agenda.

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley – who Trump recently suggested be executed – has called Trump a threat to democracy and the institution of the military.

The Atlantic: “Trump Floats the Idea of Executing Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley”

Milley: “As much as these comments are directed at me, it’s also directed at the institution of the military, and there’s 2.1 million of us in uniform. And the American people can take it to the bank that all of us, every single one of us, from private to general, were loyal to that constitution and will never turn our back on it no matter what.”

The Guardian: “Mark Milley: Retiring General Appears To Call Trump ‘Wannabe Dictator’”

CNN: “‘They’re Not Going To F**king Succeed’: Top Generals Feared Trump Would Attempt A Coup After Election, According To New Book”

CNN: “Two days after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, President Donald Trump’s top military adviser, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, single-handedly took secret action to limit Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous military strike or launching nuclear weapons, according to ‘Peril,’ a new book by legendary journalist Bob Woodward and veteran Washington Post reporter Robert Costa.”

Trump’s own former Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned during Trump’s tenure and slammed Trump as “dangerous,” “unfit,” and a threat to the Constitution.

New York Times: “Jim Mattis, Defense Secretary, Resigns In Rebuke Of Trump’s Worldview.”

The Atlantic: “James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him As A Threat To The Constitution”

Insider: “’Dangerous,’ ‘Unfit,’ And ‘Felony Stupid’: The Most Revealing Quotes From Jim Mattis On Trump’s Presidency In Bob Woodward’s Bombshell Book”

Insider: “In response to Trump’s weakening of alliances, Mattis said: ‘What we’re doing is we’re actually showing how to destroy America. That’s what we’re showing them. How to isolate us from all of our allies. How to take us down. And it’s working very well. We are declaring war on one another inside America. It’s actually working against us right now.’”

Mattis: “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us… We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership.”

USA Today: “Mattis took aim at the White House’s decision Monday to forcibly clear protesters from a park in front of the White House, so Trump could walk across the street and pose with a Bible in front of a historic church. Mattis called it an abuse of power.”

Trump’s former chief of staff and retired Marine general John Kelly called Trump a deeply dishonest person who has “no idea what America stands for” and warned that his delay of the transition process over petty political reasons damaged national security. 

CNN: “‘A person that has no idea what America stands for and has no idea what America is all about. A person who cavalierly suggests that a selfless warrior who has served his country for 40 years in peacetime and war should lose his life for treason – in expectation that someone will take action. A person who admires autocrats and murderous dictators. A person that has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions, our Constitution, and the rule of law. ‘There is nothing more that can be said,’ Kelly concluded. ‘God help us.”

Politico: “President-elect Joe Biden should start receiving intelligence briefings, and the delay in allowing the transition to officially get started is damaging U.S. national security, President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly told POLITICO in an exclusive interview. ‘You lose a lot if the transition is delayed because the new people are not allowed to get their head in the game,’ Kelly said Friday.”

CNN: “‘The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it’s more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life,’ the retired Marine general has told friends, CNN has learned.’”

Retired four-star Army General Barry McCaffrey called Trump “a serious threat to US national security” and slammed his failure to protect American interests from Russia.

The Hill: “A retired four-star Army general said that he believes that President Trump is a ‘serious threat to US national security.’ Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey tweeted Friday that he reached the conclusion about Trump because the president ‘is refusing to protect vital US interests from active Russian attacks.’ ‘It is apparent that he is for some unknown reason under the sway of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,’ he added.”

Former commander of American forces in Afghanistan General John Allen said Trump’s threats of military force against peaceful protesters may be “the beginning of the end of the American experiment.”
CNN: “Retired Marine Gen. John Allen: Trump’s Threats Of Military Force May Be ‘The Beginning Of The End Of The American Experiment’”