Approval of Trump’s Coronavirus Response Hits A New Low

Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump’s coronavirus response and it’s clear why: cases are skyrocketing, we are still experiencing testing and PPE issues, and unemployment claims remain the worst in history all because of Trump’s failed response.

Approval of Trump’s coronavirus response hit a new low and there has been “clear and consistent” shifts in support away from him.

ABC News: “Evaluation of Trump’s oversight of the COVID-19 crisis reached a new low since ABC News/Ipsos began surveying on the coronavirus in March, with 67% disapproving of his efforts.”

ABC News: “In a variety of demographic groups, there are clear and consistent shifts in support away from the president.”

Reuters/Ipsos: “Looking at Trump’s performance on coronavirus, a majority of Americans disapprove of how Trump has handled the crisis so far (57%), and only 37% approve, which is the lowest number since Reuters/Ipsos began tracking in early March of this year.”

It’s no wonder why. New cases spiked to yet another single-day record yesterday because Trump has failed to contain the virus.

Wall Street Journal: “New coronavirus cases in the U.S. rose by more than 63,000, another single-day record, as hospitals in Texas, California and other states strain to accommodate a surge of new patients.”

Trump’s erratic approach to testing left the country unprepared. We’re more than four months into this crisis and states are still experiencing testing issues and supply shortages.

Washington Post: “The Trump administration’s erratic approach to testing for the novel coronavirus has left state leaders and commercial laboratories confused, frustrated and unprepared for the fall, Democrats on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions found in a report released Thursday.”

CNN: “Redfield said that the country needs ‘more testing and breakthroughs, we need more rapid testing that can get results in real time.’”

ABC News: “13 states now report coronavirus testing issues, in echo of early troubles”

Washington Post: “Health-care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are encountering shortages of masks, gowns, face shields and gloves — a frustrating recurrence of a struggle that haunted the first months of the crisis. Nurses say they are reusing N95 masks for days and even weeks at a time. Doctors say they can’t reopen offices because they lack personal protective equipment. State officials say they have scoured U.S. and international suppliers for PPE and struggle to get orders filled. Experts worry the problem could worsen as coronavirus infections climb, straining medical systems.”

We’re still in an unemployment crisis. Unemployment claims are the worst in history because of Trump’s failed response, but he wants to cut off benefits that are keeping families afloat.

CNBC: “Job losses remain ‘enormous’: Coronavirus unemployment claims are worst in history”

NBC News: “To hear President Trump tell it, the coronavirus will soon disappear, jobs are coming back, and Congress needs to let a $600 weekly unemployment benefit expire July 31, which he calls a ‘disincentive to work.’ But even with some jobs lost to the pandemic beginning to return, over 30 million people are still receiving the unemployment assistance and some fear the president’s rosy assessment could leave them destitute if it goes away.”

Trump still won’t listen to experts. Dr. Fauci hasn’t met with Trump in over a month and contradicted Trump’s claim that everything is going great.

Financial Times: “Fauci last saw Trump in person at the White House on June 2 — and says he has not briefed the president for at least two months.”

Washington Post: “In a White House guided by the president’s instincts, rather than by evidence-based policy, the CDC finds itself forced constantly to backtrack or sidelined from pivotal decisions.”

FAUCI: “But as a country, when you compare us to other countries, I don’t think you can say we’re doing great. I mean, we’re just not.”

FAUCI: “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say we have a serious ongoing problem, right now, as we speak.”