… Are House Republicans Okay? 👀

Speaker-in-name-only Kevin McCarthy is the picture of failed leadership this week as his conference devolves into chaos. We guess that’s what happens when the motivation behind your every move is trying to appease right-wing members and turning the House majority into an arm of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

So we’re just checking in … 

Jake Sherman, Punchbowl News: “🕛 Midday: Can House Republicans govern? At this moment, House Republicans can’t govern. This isn’t just an opinion, at this point. It’s a fact that’s been borne out in the Capitol all week. House Republicans are struggling with the building blocks of governing eight months into their majority.”

NBC News: “Deflated House Republicans leave town with no solution for government shutdown” 

Jordain Carney, Politico: “Tony Gonzales in a tele-townhall: ‘we are on track to have a government shutdown’

Says the House isn’t ‘debating … real things’ and not offering ‘real solutions’ 

‘None of these ideas have any chance of being taken up in the Senate and signed into law’

Doesn’t support CR”

And we’re going to go with no, they’re not okay.

Jake Sherman, Punchbowl News: “‘F–king chaos’ … ‘a total sh–t show’ Two texts I’ve gotten from inside the House Republican leadership in the last few minutes.”

Olivia Beavers, Politico: “House Rs telling me some members have already caught flights out of DC today”

Jordain Carney, Politico:  “House vibe check:

Me: Do you know what your schedule is for the next few days?

Clay Higgins: ‘if you find out what my schedule is will you please advise me? Because I would like to know’”

The House GOP is in such disarray that Fox can’t even spin this one. 

Fox News: “House descends into chaos as GOP rebels again sink key defense vote a second time this week”