Arizona Military Projects Could Lose $150 Million To Fund Trump’s Wall… Will Sen. McSally Stand Up To Trump?

Yesterday, the Pentagon released a list of military projects that could be on the chopping block to fund Trump’s unnecessary and ineffective wall, including as much as $150 million in military construction projects in Arizona alone. Will Senator McSally stand up to Trump after he broke his promise that Arizona taxpayers won’t pay for the wall?


Trump could cut nearly $150 million in funding from essential military projects at bases from Yuma to Flagstaff.


Tucson Sentinel: “Nearly $150 million in planned military construction across Arizona could see funds diverted to border-wall projects… The Air Force had planned to spend $15 million on an ‘aerospace ground equipment maintenance facility’ at D-M in Tucson, with the project slated for this September. The funds for a $30-million ‘ground transport equipment building’ at the U.S. Army base in Southern Arizona were appropriated in 2018, but have not yet been spent. Also on the list are two June 2019 projects at Luke AFB near Phoenix: a $23-million maintenance facility for the F-35 aircraft, and a $17-million ‘squad ops’ construction project on the base. Included on the list as well are a $14.8-million project for storing the Navy’s Trident II missile motors at Camp Navajo, near Flagstaff (appropriated for Fiscal Year 2019), and a $48.3-million test squadron maintenance hanger at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma (funded in 2017 but with construction planned for this month).”


Trump promised Senator McSally that Arizona wouldn’t be affected by his national emergency declaration. Will she stand up to him now?


Arizona Republic: “McSally, an Arizona Republican, told The Arizona Republic the Pentagon and White House have assured her any funds used for construction of Trump’s long-sought border wall will not affect four key Arizona defense projects.”