Arizona Republicans Can’t Run From Trump’s Extreme Abortion Ban

Following the Arizona Supreme Court ruling to uphold a cruel 1864 abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother made possible by Donald Trump overturning Roe v. Wade, Arizona Republicans are trying to spin their support for Trump’s extreme ban – but we have the receipts. 

“Donald Trump created this new nightmare for Arizona women, and Arizona Republicans can’t escape their record standing ten toes behind him,” said DNC Regional Press Secretary Cameron Niven. “Trump and Arizona’s extreme Republicans have cheered on as women’s fundamental rights have been ripped away from them after Trump proudly killed Roe v. Wade, and now, they own yesterday’s Arizona Supreme Court decision. Arizona voters know that freedom is on the ballot this November and that President Biden and Democrats are the only people fighting for their right to choose.”

Trump and MAGA Republicans have already endorsed Arizona’s cruel 160 year old abortion ban, and they have records to prove it.

Axios: “GOP suffers desert meltdown on abortion”

“A day after former President Trump thought he’d tamped down the GOP’s exposure on abortion, it popped back up in the key 2024 battleground of Arizona.

“Why it matters: Trump ushered in the end of Roe vs. Wade and its national protection of abortion rights, and now his party is suffering a massive voter backlash.

“Abortion rights have yet to lose since the end of Roe when the decision has been up to voters instead of legislators or courts. The big picture: Despite the backlash, state-level Republicans have responded to the end of Roe by pushing extremely strict restrictions on abortion, including many that effectively outlaw the practice.

“The Arizona Supreme Court, controlled by GOP-appointed justices, upheld today a 1864 law that allowed abortion only to save the life of the mother.

“Between the lines: The state court ruling creates a stark contrast in November.

“Republicans have ushered in a near-total ban.

“Democrats are pushing a state constitutional amendment for the ballot to protect abortion rights up to 24 weeks.”

New York Times: “Kari Lake, the leading Republican candidate for Senate in Arizona, was quick to denounce the state Supreme Court’s ruling upholding an 1864 law banning nearly all abortions in the state. The law is ‘out of step with Arizonans,’ she said in a statement. She called on state lawmakers to ‘come up’ with a ‘solution that Arizonans can support.’

“But Ms. Lake, an ally of former President Donald J. Trump and a 2020 election denier, had voiced enthusiastic support for the law less than two years ago, when she was in the midst of a scorched-earth campaign for the Republican nomination for governor. Asked then what she thought of the ban, she said she was thrilled it existed and called a ‘great law.’”

Copper Courier: “Arizona lawmakers with an extensive history of opposition to abortion-related healthcare spent Tuesday deriding the state’s newly reinstated, total abortion ban.”

“But those who passed the 15-week ban made clear the eventual goal was to ban abortion services entirely. Three months after Republicans passed the 15-week ban, Queen Creek Sen. Jake Hoffman prepared to introduce a new bill to ban abortion entirely.

“When conflict arose surrounding the bill—Republican House Majority Leader Ben Toma wouldn’t bring the bill to a vote over worries its introduction could signal that the 1864 ban was no longer legally sound—the two nearly got into a physical altercation to prove who was the most anti-abortion.

‘I’m more pro-life than you will ever be!’ Toma shouted on the House floor. ‘I’ve done more to help life than you ever will.’

“Toma, who later explained that all Republican legislators support a total ban but need to be more strategic about implementing one, has now toned down his support considerably, while still not taking a total ban off the table.”