Arizona’s MAGA Minion Convention Agenda: Attack Abortion Rights 

Ahead of the Arizona Republican Party convention this weekend, DNC spokesperson Cameron Niven released the following statement:

“Trump’s MAGA minions in Arizona are gathering for a closed-door convention this weekend, but we already know what’s on their agenda: ripping away reproductive freedom and putting the health of women at risk across the state. The only question is if they’ll keep their craven contempt aimed at women in Arizona or if they will once again turn on each other and resort to physical fights this year.”

The Arizona Republican party is in shambles – with allegations, physical assault charges, blackmail and bribery, and an office closure because of their lack of donations and their mismanagement of funds.

Arizona Mirror: “A fellow Republican accused former Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward of assault during the state party’s January meeting at a Phoenix church.”

KOLD: “Ex-Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward is now facing assault charges, according to authorities.”

Arizona Republic: “‘Lots of liars out there,’ Ward said in a text on Monday. ‘Sadly inside the party. Not new. Just sad.’”

The New Republic: “Jeff DeWit, chair of the state’s Republican Party, accused Lake of blackmailing him, after she released a recording of a private phone conversation between the two, in which he can be heard attempting to bribe the Senate candidate. Lake also allegedly threatened DeWit with a ‘more damaging’ recording if he refused to step down.”

USA Today: “‘I’ll tell you what I’m offering you,’ DeWit told her, saying there would be companies that could put her on the payroll. He repeatedly told her not to tell anyone about the conversation.

“‘I can’t be bought,’ Lake responded.

“‘C’mon,’ DeWit urged her.”

Arizona Capitol Times: “DeWit’s resignation follows a leaked audio recording where he offered Lake employment or a ‘number’ to step out of politics.” 

AZ Mirror: “In particular, there were mounting concerns about the party’s sagging finances, which were so bad that some had begun openly wondering if he was steering the AZGOP into bankruptcy.

AZ Mirror: “Things were so bad in August that the party had just $14,000 in the bank account, far less than it needed to cover its bills.”

Axios: “The AZGOP is selling the headquarters it bought 9 months ago”

“After just nine months, the Arizona Republican Party’s new headquarters is about to become its old headquarters.

Axios: “The big picture: The AZGOP has been plagued by dysfunction and poor fundraising over the past few years, just as it attempts to fight back against recent Democratic political gains.”

Trump and MAGA Republicans own Arizona’s cruel, extreme abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. 

Axios: “GOP suffers desert meltdown on abortion”

“A day after former President Trump thought he’d tamped down the GOP’s exposure on abortion, it popped back up in the key 2024 battleground of Arizona.

“Why it matters: Trump ushered in the end of Roe vs. Wade and its national protection of abortion rights, and now his party is suffering a massive voter backlash.”

Associated Press: “‘Make no mistake, Arizonans are living in 1864 now because Donald Trump dismantled Roe v. Wade,’ Democratic state Sen. Priya Sundareshan of Tucson said in a news conference before the vote organized by the Biden campaign and the Arizona Democratic Party.”

USA Today: “The 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe v. Wade is cited 22 times in the Arizona Supreme Court’s 4-2 ruling, which upheld a law that predates Arizona’s statehood that requires two to five years in prison for anyone aiding an abortion, except if the procedure is necessary to save the life of the mother.”

Roll Call:In the 4-2 ruling Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court said that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization makes the 1864 law enforceable,

“The 160-year-old law, which predates Arizona’s existence as a U.S. state and women’s right to vote in the United States, makes abortion a felony punishable by two to five years in prison for anyone who performs an abortion or helps a woman obtain the procedure.”

Arizona Republic: “On Thursday, the Democratic National Committee will launch a billboard campaign in the Phoenix and Tempe areas alleging that Trump is responsible for Tuesday’s ruling.

“‘Abortion is banned in Arizona thanks to Donald Trump. He won’t stop until it’s banned nationwide,’ five billboards will read, some in English and others in Spanish.”

Trump backed a national ban in his first term and has made clear that if reelected, he’d sign a national abortion ban if it landed on his desk.

The Hill: “The Trump administration formally backed a House bill Monday that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. … It would make it a crime to perform or attempt an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, with the possibility of a fine, up to five years in prison or both.”

Associated Press: “Trump says he will support national ban on abortions around 15 weeks of pregnancy”

Rolling Stone: “Trump Wants to Ban Abortion Nationwide: Report”

New York Times: “Trump Privately Expresses Support for a 16-Week Abortion Ban”

Rolling Stone: “Trump Floats National Abortion Ban After Claiming He’s ‘On the Side of Women’”

Trump: “There of course remains a vital role for the federal government in protecting unborn life. And it’s very important.” 

Trump on if he would sign a six-week national abortion ban: “I’m looking at all options.”

Trump: “We’ll pick something that’s going to be very, very good for pro-life … I’m going to be in there pushing.”