As Biden Announces Jobs Plan, Battleground Democrats “Blasted” Trump’s Failed Economic Record

WSAV: “They blasted President Donald Trump…for what they termed a slow response to the pandemic, which they said has made the economic fallout worse.”

As Vice President Biden announced his ‘Buy American’ proposal this week, battleground Democrats slammed Trump for his ineffective response to the coronavirus that has devastated our economy and cost working families jobs.

See for yourself:

(AZ) Arizona Republic: “Democrats have criticized President Donald Trump’s record with farmers, saying the president has not followed through on his promises to support the agricultural industry […] ‘Farmers and producers are a vital part of the Arizona economy and they have been trampled on by this administration,’ Matt Grodsky, an Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, said in a written statement.”

(AZ) Blog for Arizona: Joe Biden and Arizona Democratic Party Criticize Trumps handling of COVID 19 in the Grand Canyon State. “The Arizona Democratic Party followed Biden’s lead and issued a statement critical of Trump’s management of Coronavirus related supply chains.”

(AZ) Prensa Arizona: Hispanos en el abandono. “‘He visto lamentablemente como la administración Trump y la administración del gobernador Doug Ducey han fallado de manera general al momento de tratar de controlar esta pandemia, pero también veo como la población latina es prácticamente ignorada’ […] En el estado de Arizona Ríos indicó que la población latina se ha visto afectada en el aspecto económico desde el mes de marzo con recortes en sus salarios, perdidas de trabajo y para muchos de ellos laborar desde casa es prácticamente imposible, para ellos es un lujo.”

(AZ) Arizona Dems: “‘Thanks to Trump, Arizona is winning in all the wrong categories. We have more new COVID-19 cases per capita than any country in the world and Trump’s chaotic response is ravaging our state’s economy,’ said Matt Grodsky, Arizona Democratic Party spokesman.”

(ME) ME Dems: “‘Trump’s slow, ineffective pandemic response is directly responsible for catastrophic job losses here in Maine and across the country,’ said Kathleen Marra, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party. ‘A president with empathy and experience would be working around the clock to control the virus and help Americans get back to work. Instead, Trump continues to downplay the virus, making the economic crisis worse than it needs to be.’”

(MI) MI Dems: “‘Donald Trump’s callous disregard for Michigan workers is causing economic chaos and threatening another spike in COVID-19,’ said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. ‘This president failed in his response to a global pandemic and Michigan’s working families are paying a devastating price as they face unemployment, evictions, and a deadly disease.’”

(NC) Cardinal & Pine: Rep. Alma Adams: Trump Is Taking A ‘No Lives Matter’ Approach To Coronavirus. “Adams, a Charlotte Democrat, was one of several Democratic lawmakers who lashed out at Trump in a call with reporters, questioning his administration’s strategy to containing the deadly virus, which, as of Wednesday, had killed 1,441 in NC and 131,594 in the US.”

(NC) NC Dems: “Unfortunately, Donald Trump hasn’t risen to the challenge, and the human cost is undeniable … The Trump administration’s approach to COVID-19 is ‘No Lives Matter.’ We need a leader who would take this crisis seriously — that wasn’t Donald Trump.”

(NH) Concord Monitor: Martha Fuller Clark: Granite Staters deserve better than Trump’s incompetence: “Trump continues to downplay the virus, ignores his own advisors, and has allowed the pandemic to spiral out of control, claiming the lives of hundreds of Granite Staters, along with thousands throughout the country and leaving tens of thousands in New Hampshire and millions more without work.”

(GA) WSAV-TV: “Thursday morning, several Democratic lawmakers held a phone media conference to talk about the pandemic and its effects in Georgia. They blasted President Donald Trump and Gov. Brian Kemp for what they termed a slow response to the pandemic, which they said has made the economic fallout worse.”

(GA) GA Dems: “When our economy spiraled because of his failed response to this pandemic, Trump promised to provide relief for working families and small businesses, but instead he’s full of nothing but broken promises.Trump always puts himself and his political fortunes first, while putting the health and well-being of the American people last. Working Georgians will continue to suffer the consequences of this administration’s failures, which is why Georgia voters will vote Donald Trump out of office in November.”

(PA) PoliticsPA: “The Pennsylvania Democratic Party said in a statement that Trump’s policies have failed Pennsylvanians, while also criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. ‘Mike Pence is coming back to Pennsylvania to spin Trump’s failed record, but Pennsylvanians know the truth: Donald Trump has broken his promises to our communities and left us behind,’ said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Andres Anzola. ‘Trump’s chaotic, erratic COVID-19 response has cost over 6,700 Pennsylvanians their lives and millions more their jobs.’”

(PA) PA Dems: “Trump and Pence’s failed coronavirus response has devastated the Keystone State, with over 95,000 Pennsylvanians testing positive for the virus and 2.8 million Pennsylvanians filing for unemployment since March.”

(TX) Dallas Observer: Majority of Texans Think Coronavirus Response Is Going Badly, Poll Shows. “‘It didn’t have to be this way. It never had to be this way […] Competent leadership that listens to doctors and experts would have led Texas out of the worst of this mess, instead we were put in danger by President Trump and Governor Abbott’s insecurities and ineptitude.’”

(TX) TX Dems: “Our Texas economy is in shambles and consumer confidence has never been lower. This is a direct reflection of the lack of leadership shown by Donald Trump and Greg Abbott, who continue to bury their heads in the sand and pretend like everything is fine. It never had to be this bad. Trump and Abbott have failed Texans.”

(VA) Blue Virginia: Virginia Democrats Call Out Trump’s Failed Pandemic Response, Highlight Impacts of Cratering Economy. “Delegate Lashrecse Aird: ‘In a time when Virginians are in desperate need of clear, decisive, and bold leaders, we are instead saddled with incompetency, self service, and divisiveness from this White House.’”