As COVID-19 Surges Across the Country, Trump Puts Lives at Risk by Refusing To Concede

Trump’s failed coronavirus response is leading to record highs for coronavirus infections and hospitalizations, and his refusal to concede to President-elect Biden could make the crisis even worse. We now have confirmation from inside Trump’s administration that Trump is undermining vaccine distribution and putting American lives at risk because of his inability to cope with his overwhelming loss.

The coronavirus is surging uncontrolled across the country, with new cases and hospitalizations hitting all-time highs yesterday.

Washington Post: “Just one week after the United States reported more than 100,000 coronavirus infections in a single day for the first time, that milestone is already starting to feel quaint. Wednesday’s jaw-dropping tally of 145,835 new cases set yet another record — the sixth in just eight days — as the number of people hospitalized nationwide topped 65,000 for the first time since the pandemic began.”

CNN: “That’s as the White House Task Force this week again alerted states of ‘accelerating’ coronavirus spread and recommended increased testing in its weekly report to states.”

Trump’s “stunning abdication of leadership” is making the pandemic worse and is a failure even by his own low standards.

CNN: “Trump’s stunning abdication of leadership comes as pandemic worsens”

New York Times: “The Surging Coronavirus Finds a Federal Leadership Vacuum”

Washington Post: “When the White House first decided to forcefully address the pandemic, it set expectations that the death toll wouldn’t pass 240,000. Perhaps it wouldn’t have if the administration had continued to decide to try to limit the virus’s spread. But the White House, and Trump in particular, largely gave up on that fight. The result is that, by its own standard, its efforts have failed.”

Trump is putting lives at risk by refusing to concede and blocking his administration from working with President-elect Biden’s transition—which could delay vaccine distribution.

Politico: “The Trump administration’s refusal to authorize a presidential transition is interfering with President-elect Joe Biden’s plans for a rapid scale-up of the federal coronavirus response, leaving the incoming administration locked out of key health agencies amid the spiraling pandemic.”

Daily Beast: “President Donald Trump’s refusal to give in to the fact that Joe Biden has won the election is likely to prolong the pandemic and put American lives at risk, multiple current senior officials working on the federal government’s coronavirus response told The Daily Beast.”

Daily Beast: “Officials in the Trump administration working the COVID vaccine process, particularly those working on Operation Warp Speed, have been unable to communicate with Biden’s new COVID-19 task force about what plans they already have in place for distribution. Without close coordination on those topics, current officials say, Biden’s team could face significant delays in getting the vaccine out to the American people.”