As Democratic State Parties Across the Country Participate in March for Our Lives Rallies,

This Saturday, young Americans and activists came together to demand common-sense gun reform at March for Our Lives rallies, including state Democratic parties who joined events that happened across the country. Meanwhile, editorial boards nationwide are praising the activists who demanded change at Saturday’s March for Our Lives rallies.


Here’s a look at how state Democratic parties across the country took action to support March for Our Lives rallies nationwide:




And here’s a look at what editorial boards are saying about the power of youth activism in the fight for change:


Sun Sentinel Editorial Board: Listen to the students who march for their lives

“For anyone who’s wondered whether the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School could sustain their push for common-sense gun laws, Saturday proved their movement is no fleeting moment.”


Times of Trenton Editorial Board: 'We live in fear.' Do you get it Congress? You will after the March for Our Lives


“With youths' clear-eyed vision, these committed organizers see right through the hypocrisy. They're demanding that their lawmaker care more about the children in their districts than about the dollars in their campaign chests.”


Washington Post Editorial Board: ‘We are the change’


“Spring is traditionally a time when schoolchildren come to the nation’s capital to learn about their government. But on Saturday it was the students — tens of thousands of them from all across the country — who did the schooling, with a mighty march on Washington calling for a stop to gun violence. Angry with government failure to protect them, disgusted that their safety comes second to the gun lobby, they demanded reform of gun laws. Now.”


Grand Valley Lanthorn Editorial Board: 'March for Our Lives' proves youth have been underestimated

“A lot of high school students participating in the ‘March for Our Lives’ movement will also be old enough to vote in November, and they have been reinvigorating their parents, teachers and friends to join them. It would be surprising if low voter turnout, especially among young people, continued to be issue this fall.”


Star-Ledger Editorial Board: The NRA has a major PR problem. Investors and gun owners should reject it


“A new poll shows more Americans now view the NRA negatively than positively, for the first time since 2000. Dozens of companies, including several major brands, have already cut ties with the organization.
“Time for socially responsible investors and gun owners to divorce themselves from its extremism, too.”


New York Times Editorial Board: We Stand With the Students


“And unlike too many adults, the young people leading Wednesday’s walkout at schools around the country — inspired by angry, motivated students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Fla., where 17 people were killed by a former student with an assault weapon — have had the courage to take on the industry responsible for blocking every reasonable measure to limit access to guns, including those that make it all too easy to commit mass murder.”


Weekly Standard Editorial Board: Conservatives Dismiss the Kids at Their Peril


“What wasn’t muted were the many pleas by march organizers for young people to register to vote and to use that voting power at the polls in the midterm elections in November. True, many marchers and speakers at the rally talked about their hopes for a coming ‘blue wave’ of Democrats in the fall, but the fact that plenty of homemade signs advocated not gun control, but registering to vote, is notable.”