As Tax Day Approaches, DNC Launches Ads In Battleground States Reminding Americans That Republicans Want to Raise Their Taxes

Ahead of Tax Day on Monday, April 18, the DNC is launching a digital ad buy in key states targeted to Google searches for tax services. The ads will remind voters in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada of Senate Republicans’ plan that could raise taxes on half of Americans. The ads will also link to – a handy website that breaks down who could pay more under NRSC Chair Rick Scott and Republicans’ tax plan. 

“Republicans have made clear that if they gain power, they’ll raise taxes for half of Americans,” said DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel. “While Mitch McConnell tries to hide his agenda from voters, his party is blowing the door wide open on their priorities. Voters deserve to know what Republican leadership would mean for their families, and Democrats will make sure they do.”

See below for the ad:

While even Senator Rick Scott struggles to defend the new GOP plan to raise taxes on working Americans and sunset Social Security and Medicare in five years, President Biden’s Billionaire Minimum Income Tax would ensure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share and would apply only to the top one one-hundredth of one percent (0.01%) of American households.