As Trump Speaks To Farmers, His Shutdown Hurts Them

As Trump speaks to the American Farm Bureau Federation today, here’s a look at some of the many ways that his government shutdown is actually hurting farmers across the country:

The Trump Shutdown delayed promised bailout payments to farmers who have been hurt by Trump’s trade policies.

CBS News: “The shutdown, now the longest on record, has suspended some federal aid for farmers — including subsidies for farmers hit by the president’s tariffs.”

Washington Post: “With farmers on the edge of ruin, the U.S. government offered $12 billion in support since September, checks that had become a lifeline.  But with the government shutdown moving into its third week, Boyd was left waiting for his support check to arrive. Other farmers who still must have their crop totals approved by the government to receive aid were left with no way to apply for it.”

The Trump Shutdown left farmers without critical funds and sources of information.

Reuters: “U.S. Shutdown Sends Grain Traders, Farmers Hunting For Data”

New York Times: “Farmers cannot get federally backed operating loans to buy seed for their spring planting, or feed for their livestock. They cannot look up new government data about beef prices or soybean yields to make decisions about planting and selling their goods in an ever-changing global market.”

Farmers across the country are suffering from the Trump Shutdown.


Southern Virginia farmer: “I don’t need a damn wall … I need my money, so I can plant my crop.”


Wisconsin grain farmer: “We’re being played the stooge.”


North Carolina farmer: “They’re playing a game of basically Russian Roulette, and it affects the people out here. It’s having a big effect on us being able to do things we need to do this time of the year, when we’re really not in the field doing much work.”


New York farmer: “You could hardly call it a political stunt. It’s a personal power stance because he doesn’t really care about anything, I don’t think, besides himself.”