Azar’s Advice To Americans, After Trump Guts Their Health Care: ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’

Trump is fighting in court to throw millions of Americans off their health insurance and to remove the ACA’s preexisting condition protections. How should Americans react after Trump takes away their health care? Secretary Azar’s suggested respond: “Keep calm and carry on.”

Alex Azar: Americans should “keep calm and carry on” if Trump succeeds in his lawsuit to take away their health care.

Alex Azar: “Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in an interview Friday that because the ruling is likely to be stayed, there is no reason for concern now.  ‘Our message is to keep calm and carry on,’ he said.”

Seema Verma refused to answer whether the Trump administration has a replacement plan in place if their lawsuit to strike down the ACA succeeds.

Politico’s Adam Cancryn: “House Democrats getting their first (and likely last) shot this year to ask Seema Verma anything: 1st Dem: where’s the ACA contingency plan (Verma dodges) 2nd Dem: 5-minute speech concluding with where’s the plan (Verma doesn’t answer) 3rd Dem: where’s the plan (Verma dodges).”

Meanwhile the Republican Study Committee developed a proposal to weaken preexisting condition protections that would also lead to coverage losses.

Politico: “The new plan developed by the Republican Study Committee is laden with old ideas that the GOP has tried and repeatedly failed to sell to voters – and some of its own members.”

Fierce Healthcare: “However, it takes out provisions that ensure patients with pre-existing conditions get affordable coverage such as requirements that prevent plans from charging sicker people higher premiums than healthy customers.”