Barrett Is A Threat To America’s Seniors

Senator Feinstein’s questioning today made clear that Amy Coney Barrett would be a threat to America’s seniors if she is confirmed to the Supreme Court. Barrett refused to say Medicare is constitutional, she’s ruled against age discrimination, and has strongly suggested she would overturn the Affordable Care Act.

Barrett refused to say that Medicare is constitutional.

Senator Feinstein: “Do you agree with originalists who say that the Medicare program is unconstitutional?”

Barrett: “Well, let’s see. So, I think, I can’t answer that question in the abstract.”

Barrett ruled that age discrimination did not cover job applicants.

Senator Feinstein: “What do you understand to be the purpose of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?”

Barrett: “In Kleber v. CareFusion I joined a majority… and the question is whether the prohibiton on age discrimination covered applicants or only employees, and the statute said employees, and so an applicant isn’t an employee, so the majority said that the statue by its terms didn’t cover the conduct.”

Barrett has strongly suggested that she would strike down the ACA, which risks raising costs and limiting options for America’s seniors.

Washington Post: “Judge Barrett’s Writing Criticizes The Supreme Court Decision Upholding Obama-Era Health Law”

New York Times: “Medicare beneficiaries would have to pay more for preventive care, like a wellness visit or diabetes check, which are now free. They would also have to pay more toward their prescription drugs.”

MarketWatch: “While toppling the law wouldn’t necessarily erase all the reporting requirements, it would weaken resident protections, strip many nursing-home workers of health coverage, limit long-term-care options for many seniors, and undermine efforts to improve nursing-home quality at a critical moment, policy experts say.”