Biden Takes Action to Lower Costs

From the moment he took office, President Biden has been laser focused on lowering costs for American families. From taking action to lower gas prices, to reducing health care costs, and providing relief for millions of Americans with student loan debt, President Biden is rolling up his sleeves to ease the financial burden on working families. 

President Biden is using every tool at his disposal to address Putin’s price hike, including a historic release from the strategic petroleum reserve and expanding access to higher ethanol blend gasoline.

Washington Post: “Biden announces huge strategic oil reserve release to curb gas prices”

Associated Press: “Biden waiving ethanol rule in bid to lower gasoline prices”

Reuters: “U.S. boosts fuel efficiency rules as Biden reverses Trump rollback”

President Biden also took action to lower health care costs for Americans by fixing the Affordable Care Act’s family glitch and is working to reduce Americans’ medical debt burden. 

HuffPost: “Biden Administration Proposes Obamacare Tweak That Could Help 1.2 Million”

New York Times: “A New Ban on Surprise Medical Bills Starts Today”

CNN: “Harris says White House will seek to ease Americans’ medical debt burden”

Forbes: “Billions Of Dollars Of Medical Debt Will Be Removed From Credit Reports”

The Biden administration has provided relief to millions of Americans with student debt by extending the federal student loan payment pause through August and helping borrowers move toward debt forgiveness. 

Washington Post: “Biden extends federal student loan payment pause through Aug. 31”

CNN: “Biden’s latest student debt move will bring 3.6 million borrowers closer to loan forgiveness”

MarketWatch: “Biden administration launches student loan review, says 40,000 borrowers will see debt canceled”

Yahoo News: “100,000 Additional Public Servants Will Have Their Student Loan Debt Canceled Because of This Policy Change”