Biden To Deliver On His Vaccine Promises After Inheriting Trump’s Inconsistent Vaccine Plan

While Trump’s “inept and insufficient” coronavirus response cost American lives and left President Biden an insufficient vaccine distribution plan, Biden has taken steps to rebuild trust and ramp up distribution, and is on track to deliver on his vaccine promises.

President Biden has made significant improvements on fighting the virus after he inherited an inconsistent vaccine distribution plan from Trump.

Associated Press: “It’s a strategy facing urgent tests after Biden inherited an inconsistent vaccine distribution plan and with the emerging threats from new virus variants. The goal, Biden aides say, is as simple as it is ambitious: After a year of being on defense they want to take the fight to the virus — to ‘overwhelm the problem,’ a kind of mantra for the team.”

Associated Press: “One early success of the Biden plan was born out of conversations with governors frustrated about constantly fluctuating vaccine supplies. The lack of certainty led some states to slow the administration of first doses to ensure enough second shots would be available if deliveries dropped. Biden’s team pledged to give states three weeks notice on what’s coming their way. ‘We now see more vaccine on the horizon than we did a few weeks ago,’ Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, told the AP. ‘The more we learn about more vaccine the happier I am.’”

President Biden has ramped up vaccinations and is on track to meet his goal of 100 million doses in his first 100 days.

NBC News: “Biden admin on track to meet goal of 100M coronavirus shots in first 100 days”

Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson: “COVID Task Force chair Jeff Zients just now on vaccines: ‘Our seven day average daily doses administered is now 1.5 million shots per day, up from 1.1 million only two weeks ago.’”

In addition to being on track to meet President Biden’s goals, Americans are also more willing than ever to get the coronavirus vaccine.

ABC News: “Americans may be more willing than ever to get their COVID-19 shot, according to a new survey from Gallup. Since Gallup first began polling Americans on their willingness in July 2020, there was an initial decline in willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine, reaching a low of 50% in September. Since then, there has been a steady climb to 65% willing in late December, and now, an all-time high of 71% who are willing to get vaccinated.”