Biden Touts Job Creation in New York While Trump’s Minions Voted Against American Jobs & Good Wages

In Syracuse today, President Biden will speak on his economic agenda that has created nearly a million new jobs in New York and invested $62 billion in the state, while Trump’s MAGA minions – many of whom voted against the legislation that made those jobs possible – try to take credit. 

Even though MAGA Republican Representative Brandon Williams, whose district includes Syracuse, disparaged the CHIPS and Science Act, that hasn’t stopped him from trying to take credit for the influx of jobs and investments into his district. While MAGA Republicans run their mouths, President Biden and the Democrats are making investments to make New Yorkers’ lives better. 

DNC spokesperson Addy Toevs released the following statement:

“Trump and his MAGA Republican allies consistently work against the needs of their constituents, putting their billionaire buddies on Park Avenue above the people they’re elected to serve. In stark contrast, President Biden delivers for working families in cities like Syracuse. President Biden has helped to create 15 million jobs here at home in less than four years, and he isn’t done yet. For working families in New York and across the nation, the choice is clear: President Biden is fighting for your jobs and your wages – Trump is cavorting in Mar-a-Lago with billionaires who wouldn’t hesitate to ship your jobs overseas.” 

While Joe Biden and Democrats champion policies that create American jobs, Donald Trump created incentives for giant corporations to ship jobs overseas, leaving American workers behind.

Bloomberg: “The Offshoring of U.S. Jobs Increased on Trump’s Watch”

Reuters: “How offshoring rolled along under Trump, who vowed to stop it”

“Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency four years ago, in part, by a promise to Midwest factory workers that he would stop companies like Schneider Electric SE from moving jobs out of the country. He didn’t stop them.”

The Guardian: “‘He pulled the wool over our eyes’: workers blame Trump for moving jobs overseas”

“Promises to save US manufacturing and prevent American jobs moving abroad were a key part of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. But since Trump took office in January 2017, nearly 200,000 jobs have been moved overseas, based on Trade Adjustment Assistance certified petitions.”

Washington Post: “Trump promised ‘America First’ would keep jobs here. But the tax plan might push them overseas.”

ITEP: “The Trump-GOP tax law enacted in December 2017 creates clear incentives for American-based corporations to move operations and jobs abroad, including a zero percent tax rate on many profits generated offshore.”

New York Republican Brandon Williams derided one of President Biden’s signature jobs bills, the CHIPS and Science Act, then took credit for the jobs it created. 

E&E News: “The New York Republican, now in his first term in Congress, on the campaign trail in 2022 slammed the legislation as a ‘corporate welfare package for the profitable chip industry.’ Since that time, he has praised semiconductor manufacturing company Micron’s multibillion-dollar investment for a computer chip factory in his district.”