Bipartisan Agreement: We Have Not ‘Prevailed’

Today’s Senate testimony has just begun, but the experts who are testifying and senators on the committee – from both parties – have already contradicted Trump’s claim yesterday that “we prevailed” on testing.

Yesterday, Trump declared that we have prevailed on testing.

TRUMP: “We have met the moment. And we have prevailed.”

Today, experts and a bipartisan group of senators agree that’s not true.

CDC Director Redfield: “It’s important to note that we’re not out of the woods yet.”

Dr. Fauci: “In other words, enough testing to test everybody that needs to be tested. Enough testing so that when someone gets infected, you could immediately do contact tracing and isolation to prevent the infection from going to a couple of infections to hundreds of infections. That’s how you control an outbreak.”

Senator Lamar Alexander: “What our country has done so far in testing is impressive, but not nearly enough.”

Senator Patty Murray: “We need dramatically more testing. It’s unacceptable we still don’t have a national strategic plan.”