Blocks from the White House, Trump Emboldens Iron Fisted Rule

Following the reporting on an incident yesterday where peaceful protesters were attacked by President Erdogan’s security forces, DNC deputy communications director Adrienne Watson released the following statement:

“Peaceful protesting is the hallmark of our democracy. Every American – and every visitor – is free to peacefully demonstrate in our nation’s capital. It is unacceptable that Turkish President Erdogan unleashed his goons and security forces upon peaceful protests, as DC police officers tried to stop them. President Trump must cease his pattern of emboldening Erdogan’s iron fisted rule as he travels to Turkey next week. We have seen the consequences of his actions both in Turkey and on our own soil.” 

It should be no surprise that Erdogan feels free to beat his opponents on the streets of DC, as President Trump has endorsed and emboldened his authoritarian moves:

  • Just a few weeks ago, Trump personally congratulated Erdogan for winning a questionable referendum that vastly expanded his power in Turkey.
  • Trump failed to condemn Erdogan for his grave violations of freedom of the press. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, Turkey holds at least 81 journalists in jail.
  • This scuffle between Erdogan’s bodyguards and protestors happened on the same day it was revealed that Trump is attempting to quash investigations and asked the former FBI director to jail journalists.