Bob (Is Not) Good: Meet the New House Freedom Caucus Chair

In response to House Republicans electing Rep. Bob Good as the new House Freedom Caucus Chair, DNC National Press Secretary Sarafina Chitika released the following statement: 

“MAGA House Republicans, who’ve become notorious for their ability to pick a leader, are rounding out their disastrous first year in the majority by electing far-right extremist Bob Good to head the House Freedom Caucus. Good continues the GOP’s sprint to the extreme right on every issue Americans care about and embraces widely unpopular stances: fighting for a national abortion ban, calling for a government shutdown, advocating for ripping away health care and essential benefits, and chasing a baseless impeachment inquiry for political gain. The House GOP’s decision to elevate Bob Good to HFC chair is their latest message to America’s working families that they’d rather push forward their extreme MAGA agenda than join President Biden in making progress on the work hardworking families want to see: lowering costs, creating jobs, and strengthening our economy.” 

Bob Good is one of Congress’ most vocal anti-abortion extremists, who has called for a national abortion ban and called on his colleagues to be “unflinchingly and unapologetically pro-life.” 

Axios: “Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.), who is championing a total abortion ban co-sponsored by more than 160 House Republicans, said, ‘We need to do what our base sent us here to do and what is the right thing to do, which is to ban all abortion.’”

Good: “We need to be unflinchingly, unapologetically pro-life. I think when you have moderation, you have tepid, vanilla, benign statements on the issue of life — if you’re trying to talk about 15-week bans that only affect less than 10 percent of abortions — I think what that does is that demotivates our base. It’s not inspirational. It suppresses turnout in red states, and it leads to us losing elections.”

“We need to be bold and aggressive and paint with bright red colors on this issue.”

Good is hell-bent on ripping away health care access from millions of Americans and introduced legislation that could subject millions more with preexisting conditions to discrimination from greedy insurance companies. 

Good: “We’re going to end the policies that have been expanded [Medicaid].”

Protect Our Care: “Self Insurance Protection Act: Introduced by Congressman Bob Good, this legislation will protect access to stop-loss insurance, insurance for employers who self-fund their employee benefit plans, but do not want to assume liability for losses. This promotes use of non-ACA compliant plans such as AHPs and other self funded benefit plans.” 

Amid House Republicans’ self-inflicted chaos that threatened multiple government shutdowns, Good has cheered for the government to shut down all year long. 

Good, January 2023: “We will have zero leverage … if we’re not willing to threaten [a government shutdown] and willing to follow through on it.”

NPR, July 2023: “‘We should not fear a government shutdown,’ Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., declared at an event outside the Capitol this week. ‘Most of the American people won’t even miss it if the government is shut down temporarily.’”

The Hill, August 2023: “Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) — who in July said ‘we should not fear a government shutdown’ — went even further when talking to The Hill last week.

“‘Eighty-five percent or so of the government continues to operate, and most Americans won’t even miss it,’ Good said. ‘And if that’s the leverage that we need to utilize to force the Democrats to accept spending cuts and an end to the harmful policies that are, again, crushing the American people — I mean, then we need to do that.’”

And Good continues to drag on the baseless impeachment sham into President Biden and his family and has even floated leveraging those threats for policy negotiations (not a great or normal way to run Congress). 

Axios: “Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.), in an interview with Axios, floated using impeachment threats as leverage in policy negotiations: ‘A fair trade off: we won’t pursue impeachment, but you go back to Trump border policies that were working.’”

@RepBobGood: “The Bidens believe they are above the law and are relying on the media to run cover for them. No Republican should vote against a formal impeachment inquiry.”