BREAKING: Another Extreme Republican Wants to Ban Plan B

Michigan’s GOP nominee for Attorney General, Matt DePerno, just said that if Michigan Republicans were to take control, they wouldn’t just stop at banning abortion — they would ban Plan B.

DePerno’s comments put him in the company of Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp, Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels, and the 195 House Republicans who voted against protecting a woman’s right to access contraceptives.

HuffPost: “195 House Republicans Voted Against Birth Control Protections”

Heartland Signal: “During public appearance at the University of Georgia last week, Gov. Brian Kemp (R) expressed his openness to ban contraception depending on ‘where the legislatures are.’”

Heartland Signal: “Asked about ‘abortion pills passed off as contraception,’ Trump-backed GOP guv candidate Tim Michels says it will be illegal in Wisconsin”

But DePerno went even further, making crude remarks comparing contraceptives to fentanyl — a synthetic opioid drug. At one point, he seemed confused as to what Plan B even was.

Matt DePerno: “What’s Plan B? … You gotta figure out how you ban the pills from the state… You have to stop it at the border. It’d be no different than fentanyl.”

Matt DePerno: “The state has to ban it… and it should be banned.”

Let’s be perfectly clear: Extremists like DePerno are setting a dangerous model for state lawmakers across the country to ban forms of contraceptives — putting the health and safety of women at risk. That’s the GOP agenda.