BREAKING: DeSantis Calls to Defund Federal Law Enforcement

Echoing calls from Trump and fellow MAGA Republicans, Ron DeSantis is threatening to defund the DOJ and the FBI— embracing the latest salvo in the race for the MAGA base.

Last night, DeSantis revealed the latest piece of his MAGA agenda: threatening the funding of federal law enforcement.

DeSantis: “They’re never using that number one constitutional power they have — the power of the purse — to rein in these administrative agencies. And so you have something like DOJ and FBI — well, if you never hold them accountable through the legislative process, either through law, or through budget, of course power is going to accumulate there.”

And just this week, Trump called to defund law enforcement after  attempting to cut funding for law enforcement programs EVERY SINGLE YEAR he was in office. 

NBC News: “Former President Donald Trump is egging on Republicans in Congress to ‘defund’ federal law enforcement ahead of a government funding deadline this fall.

“‘Republicans in Congress should defund the DOJ and FBI until they come to their senses,’ he posted on his social media platform, writing in all-caps. ‘The Democrats have totally weaponized law enforcement in our country and are viciously using this abuse of power to interfere with our already under siege elections!’”

Jonathan Allen, NBC News: “When Trump was president, he proposed slashing federal funding for local police forces.”

This follows repeated calls from MAGA Republicans in Congress to cut funding for law enforcement in their budget. 

Insider: “Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she won’t vote for a budget without cuts to DOJ and FBI.”

MSNBC: “House Republican calls for defunding Homeland Security department”Punchbowl: “According to Biden administration estimates … Roughly 11,000 FBI personnel could be laid off.”