BREAKING: DeSantis Refuses to Rule out Total Abortion Ban… AGAIN

Just now, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis not only promised future restrictions on choice, but refused to rule out a total abortion ban. When a reporter pressed him on the question, DeSantis turned and ran away — even after he just put out an ad saying he would “never, ever back down from a fight.”

Let’s not forget: DeSantis has yet to answer for the tragic case of a 16-year-old Florida girl who, thanks to a law he signed, will be forced to give birth. 

NBC News“A pregnant and parentless 16-year-old in Florida may be forced to give birth after an appeals court ruled she was not ‘sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy.’”

DeSantis has repeatedly refused to answer questions about what “expanding” anti-choice restrictions would entail. 

July 26:

August 5:

August 17:

DeSantis’s latest act of cowardice makes clear that his anti-choice views are extreme and out of step with Floridians. Florida simply cannot afford DeSantis’s agenda.