BREAKING: Doug Mastriano Called For Women To Be Charged With Murder For Having An Abortion

In an newly unearthed interview, Pennsyvlania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano said women should be charged with murder for having an abortion.

Asked if he was calling for a woman to be charged with murder for having an abortion under his proposed ban, Mastriano said “Yes, I am.”

NBC News: “Under his proposed legislation, Mastriano was asked whether a woman who decided to get an abortion at 10 weeks gestation would be charged with murder. Critics of the bill Mastriano backed, and of other ‘heartbeat bills,’ say the approximate six-week timeframe is often before many women know they are pregnant.  ‘OK, let’s go back to the basic question there,’ Mastriano said. ‘Is that a human being? Is that a little boy or girl? If it is, it deserves equal protection under the law.’ Asked if he was saying yes, they should be charged with murder, Mastriano responded: ‘Yes, I am.’”

Mastriano has also called for punishing doctors who perform abortions and has repeatedly called for an abortion ban.

WESA: “[Mastriano] pointed out that earlier efforts to restrict abortion — like a so-called ‘heartbeat bill’ that would bar the procedure after 6-weeks — had been unable to surmount a veto. But if elected, he said, ‘I look forward to signing into law either [a] heartbeat bill or the fetal pain bill’ which would also limit abortion access based on contested assertions about whether a fetus feels pain.”

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: “During an April debate, Mastriano called legal abortion ‘a national catastrophe’ and promised to push his six-week abortion ban if elected governor. He has also voiced support for punishing doctors who perform the procedure.”

Mastriano’s comments are yet another example of Republicans’ extreme views on abortion. Republicans across the country have made clear that if they gain power they will not stop at just banning abortion, but want to criminalize doctors, and, now, some even want to throw women in jail.