BREAKING: House Republicans’ Ability to Govern

We’re once again checking in on the neverending chaos that is the House Republican Conference. This MAGA House majority can’t seem to do anything other than fight amongst themselves, in a week Republicans themselves are calling “chaos” and “a failure of leadership”— all at the expense of the American people who are relying on them to govern. 

Republicans themselves admit it: MAGA House Republicans are incapable of governing. The MAGA House GOP has made a mess so large that not even Fox News or fellow Republicans can spin this one. 

Ron DeSantis“I see a Republican majority that hasn’t delivered what it promised it’d deliver, but I also see a lot of political theater and performative stuff … a lot of chaos.”

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel“Every day we’re taking away from helping the American people because they’re the ones who really lost yesterday, right? Their business isn’t being done when Washington is shut down, which essentially it is for the next week.”

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel“We cannot do this and win. If this happens again, we are jeopardizing a very small House majority.”

Laura Ingraham, Fox News: “And now the attention is drawn to Capitol Hill and the fact the Republicans are so incapable of governing, they lost a speaker, which hasn’t really happened before in this way.”

Rep. Tim Burchett: “We took off six weeks this summer … they decided to take over two more weeks, and I feel like that’s a failure of leadership.”

Former John Boehner and Paul Ryan spokesperson“We are not, right now, fit for governing. We are a party much more made for being in the minority. We like to vote against things.”

Former President George W. Bush spokesperson“The Republican Party today just can’t govern. Nancy Pelosi, with a five-vote majority, she was able to govern. The Democrats have become the party of discipline and the Republicans have become the party that lacks discipline.”

The only thing House Republicans have been able to prove to the American people is they are completely incapable of governing.

Politico: “The House GOP now resembles a failed state. The party elects leaders with no capacity to lead members who have no interest in being led. McCarthy is like one of the succession of short-lived Soviet leaders who followed the long reign of Leonid Brezhnev, before the radical disruption of Mikhail Gorbachev at the end of the Cold War.”

The Atlantic: “McCarthy’s defeat was the result of a bitter power struggle within the GOP, and especially due to the efforts of Representative Matt Gaetz, a hard-right rebel, who forced the vote. The House is now without a speaker, and more chaos is sure to follow. The GOP still holds the House majority, but it is a deeply riven and dysfunctional party.”

Washington Post: “And what is the party today? It is a party whose leader for its presidential nomination sits in a New York courtroom, who faces four other trials for criminal indictments ahead, and who promises vengeance and retribution if elected in 2024. It is also a party with a tight group of rebels in the House who have shown that they can make turmoil the order of the day in Congress.”

Washington Post: “They did win the majority in the 2022 midterm elections, but by the narrowest of margins in a surprising underperformance. To succeed as legislators, they needed cohesion, discipline and leadership. Instead, they produced chaos under a speaker who was so weakened after getting the job that he could not lead effectively.”

Let’s be clear: House Republicans never cared about delivering for middle-class families — all they seem to be able to produce is chaos. 

New York Times: “But in today’s Republican Party, doing the right thing is considered a transgression, not a virtue — a sign of unforgivable allegiance to the political establishment. … House Republicans, beholden to a base that reveres former President Donald J. Trump and detests compromise, have become ungovernable. And it is doubtful that his precipitous downfall will break the fever.”

Politico: “At the heart of Republicans’ agita is the sense that an uncontrollable faction of their party is suddenly in charge. Gaetz and his disciples barrel ahead without a clear set of demands.”

New York Times: “And he failed to master the art of corralling a deeply divided Republican majority that could never quite bring itself to rally behind him when it came time to choose normalcy over chaos. With the G.O.P. base increasingly hungry for insurgency and confrontation, Mr. McCarthy found himself out of step, a problem that is likely to plague any candidate who tries to succeed him.”

Washington Post“One other factor has brought the House Republicans to this point. That is the person and example of Donald Trump, the former president. Trump put governing by chaos on steroids (if one can call what he did governing) and in doing so produced a group of Mini-Mes, symbolized most by the politician who brought down McCarthy on Tuesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.). This is the kind of leadership the party now offers the country.”