BREAKING: Republicans’ Arguments Against Infrastructure Collapse Around Them

A new Quinnipiac poll confirms that Republican arguments against the American Jobs Plan are not resonating with the American public. Americans support Biden’s plan and are actually more likely to support it when they find out it will be paid for by increasing taxes on corporations. 

After hearing the American Jobs Plan is financed by taxing corporations, dozens of which paid nothing in federal income taxes last year, MORE Americans support it.

Quinnipiac: “A plurality of Americans (44 – 38 percent) support President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, while 19 percent did not offer an opinion. However, support grows for the infrastructure plan if it is funded by raising taxes on corporations, as Biden has proposed. In that scenario, a majority support the infrastructure plan 53 – 39 percent, with 9 percent not offering an opinion.”

Republicans’ other argument that Biden’s plan includes “too much” infrastructure is roundly rejected by Americans, who support every key aspect of his plan. 

Yahoo News: “New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Americans favor every key aspect of Biden’s infrastructure plan”

Politico: “Our latest poll with Morning Consult tested some of the things that President JOE BIDEN is including under the rubric of his massive infrastructure bill — items that stretch the traditional definition beyond roads and bridges to items such as child care, paid leave and broadband. Yet most people seem fine with any contortions.”

Politico’s Sam Stein: “If you look at the specific areas that Biden is plugging away at, roads, bridges, et cetera, 86% Democratic support, 69% independent support, 71% Republican support. You get down to other things like improving schools, 87% Democratic support, 63% independent support, and so on.”

The Republican Party’s talking points are falling apart and the American people clearly see through their hypocritical and misleading attacks.

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “Republicans’ infrastructure talking points are crumbling”

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “Many Republicans seem whetted to quibbling over the definition of ‘infrastructure.’ Now, they insist infrastructure means ‘something you drive on.’ But that is a departure in many cases from their own positions.”

Washington Post Fact Checker: “A pair of misleading GOP attacks on Biden’s infrastructure plan”