BREAKING: Tim Scott STILL Fails to Name a Single Policy Difference From Trump

After officially putting his hat in the ring for the race for the MAGA base, Tim Scott was asked twice on Fox News how he would run against Donald Trump – and to no one’s surprise, he failed to name a single policy difference.

Here’s what Tim Scott said: 

Steve Doocy: “So, Senator, you’ve launched the exploratory committee, obviously you’re going to run for president. Currently on the Republican side, Donald Trump is leading in all the polls, for the most part. Obviously you wouldn’t be getting in unless you thought you could beat him. What is your plan to do that?”

Tim Scott: “There’s no doubt that along the path of my ‘Faith in America’ tour, what I’ve heard is that people truly want to have a conversation about their future. I’ll tell you the truth. My life literally is only possible here in America. I like to call it ‘made in America.’ When you start in a single parent household mired in poverty, you watch your mother work 16 hour days, you question whether or not this will work for you. You question, you become angry. I had all the challenges on the wrong side of the tracks. I thank God Almighty that I had mentors and a mother who believed that prayer was the key and faith unlocks those doors. They never surrendered. They always believed the best was coming. I want to share that message. I want to share the gospel truth that faith in America means faith in each other, faith in God, and faith in our future.”

Steve Doocy: “So, Senator, are you answering my question about how you’d beat Donald Trump by saying that your personal story is going to sell you to the American people?”

Tim Scott: “What I’m saying in response to your question is that the field of play is focusing on President Biden’s failures. What Americans want to see is a contrast between the radical left and the blueprint to ruin America — that Psalms 139 tells us that we are all uniquely and fearfully made. If we focus on our uniqueness, we focus on our path to where we are, I believe we give the voters a choice so that they can decide how we move forward. As opposed to trying to have a conversation about how to beat a Republican, I think we’re better off having a conversation about beating Joe Biden.”

This isn’t the first time Tim Scott failed to answer what policy differences exist between himself and Trump. But why can’t Tim Scott differentiate himself and Trump? Because he’s been a longstanding champion of Trump’s MAGA agenda.

Sean Hannity: “What are the differences in terms of policy positions that, for example, you may have with President Trump?”

Tim Scott: “Probably not very many at all. I am so thankful that we had President Trump in office.”