BREAKING: Trump Calls for Defunding Law Enforcement

Joining with MAGA Republicans in the House, Donald Trump is calling to defund the FBI and Department of Justice. This is far from Trump’s first attempt to undermine and defund law enforcement — he repeatedly attempted to slash their funding while in office. 

Trump showed his unabashed support for defunding law enforcement, echoing calls from his MAGA supporters in Congress. 

Sahil Kapur: “Donald Trump pressures Republicans to defund the (federal) police.”

MAGA Republicans in Congress have repeatedly called to defund law enforcement. 

Insider: “Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she won’t vote for a budget without cuts to DOJ and FBI.”

MSNBC: “House Republican calls for defunding Homeland Security department”

Punchbowl: “According to Biden administration estimates … Roughly 11,000 FBI personnel could be laid off.”

Let’s not forget that EVERY SINGLE YEAR he was in office, Trump proposed cuts to law enforcement in his federal budget. 

Jonathan Allen, NBC News: “When Trump was president, he proposed slashing federal funding for local police forces.”

Trump’s budget plans would have cut funding to the Community Oriented Policing Services program, which provides funding to state and local law enforcement agencies. 

Wall Street Journal: “The [Trump] administration’s 2021 budget, like all its previous budgets, recommended eliminating the Community Relations Services and Community Oriented Policing Services and placing their functions under other parts of the department to ‘improve efficiency.’ Both … would retain limited funding if moved.”

And let’s not forget that Trump has spread lies about the 2020 election, and on January 6, 2021, incited a mob that violently attacked police officers who were heroically defending the Capitol.

CNN: “Roughly 114 US Capitol Police officers reported injuries as a result of the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, a government watchdog said in a new report Monday, well above the previously widely reported estimate of around 80 injured officers.”