Brutal Reviews Roll In For Trump’s First 100


As Trump finishes one of the “least-prolific first 100 day debuts of any president in modern history,” there’s no way to put a positive spin on how ineffectual Trump has been in fulfilling his promises:

Associated Press:  “Of 38 specific promises Trump made in his 100-day ‘contract’ with voters…he's accomplished 10.”

“One page of his 100-day manifesto is devoted to legislation he would fight to pass in 100 days. None of it has been achieved.”


That doesn’t stop the White House from lying about Trump’s record.

Washington Post Fact Checker: “Trump likes to claim undue credit for corporate decisions that were made before he was elected president” and “exaggerates the number of jobs created since he became president.”

CNBC: “While the Trump administration has claimed credit for many corporate announcements of hiring or investment in the U.S., many of those decisions came before Trump won the election.”


It pales in comparison to his predecessors.

Politifact: “Other presidents, including Obama, have accomplished far more in their 100 days than Trump has.”



Most Americans have lost faith in Trump and don’t believe he will follow through on his promises.

TIME: “Fewer Americans think President Trump keeps his promises, poll shows”


Who really won the first 100 days? Billlionaires and corporations.

Yahoo Finance: Winners of Trump’s first 100 days: “Wall Street banks. Trump’s promise to undo regulations governing banks, especially the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, portends bigger profits for Wall Street.”