Buttigieg Slams Trump for Plunging Country Into Crisis

During a video press briefing today, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Biden for President Senior Advisor Symone Sanders discussed the Republican National Convention that is attempting to exist in an “alternate reality” and Trump’s “Chaos Presidency” that has plunged the country into crisis.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg:

“Last night was like witnessing an alternate reality: confirmation that the Republican Party and, in particular, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are profoundly out of touch with the experiences we are having as the American people. … What we have in the Biden-Harris ticket is the kind of leadership that America is crying out for: the compassion that we need, the basic competence that we need, and a readiness to deal with the issues we’re actually facing on the ground, like the economic devastation that is a direct consequence of the Trump-Pence administration’s failure to confront the coronavirus crisis, something that took up less than 5% of the speakers’ time during [last night’s] convention, as if it were an afterthought. When this is something that has profoundly changed life in America, and is causing so much pain — economic, physical — across our communities. They are simply incapable of even explaining what the game plan is.”

Biden for President Senior Advisor Symone Sanders:

“If you thought Republicans were going to wait until night three to unveil their plan for containing a virus that is killing thousands of Americans each week, and crushing our economy, I’m sure you were sadly disappointed. Last night, like the two nights before it, truly in our opinion vacillated between an imaginary list of Donald Trump’s accomplishments and an alternate reality meant to erase the disease plaguing our nation, and the last four years of division and rhetoric that has driven the country further apart. Last night offered no roadmap to defeat the virus, a virus that has claimed the lives of more than 180,000 Americans. It offered no roadmap to rebuild our economy to work for the middle class — more than 16 million people are out of work and have filed for unemployment insurance. … We also heard almost nothing about the massive hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast, or the tragic suffering and protests for justice happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin. All we heard were more scare tactics and more fearmongering from an administration that has spent four years dividing the American people and inflaming tensions.”

Today’s press briefing is part of the DNC War Room’s counterprogramming during the Republican National Convention. Each day, the DNC is focusing on a different crisis Trump has created or made worse with his “Chaos Presidency.” Efforts include paid television and digital advertising, holding Trump and speakers accountable for their lies and misinformation, events in battleground states, and more.