BY THE NUMBERS: Trump’s Corrupt Recovery Favors Wealthy And Well-Connected

Small businesses are struggling now more than ever, and Trump has only made things worse with his corrupt recovery effort. Here’s how Trump favors the wealthy and well-connected over small businesses that need the most help, by the numbers:

More than $1 billion — Nearly 300 publicly traded companies took more than $1 billion meant for small business through the PPP program.

$104 million — 41 publicly traded companies with at least two months of operating expenses in cash-on-hand got $104 million in PPP loans.

$96.1 million — One Trump donor’s hotel company—the biggest recipient—got $96.1 million meant for small businesses.

$28 million — The amount fossil fuel firms linked to Trump officials got in PPP loans.

$18.3 million — The amount three companies with connections to the Trump administration received under the program.

$5.5 million — The amount of the loan that another company with close ties to the Trump administration received.

$2.85 million — The amount of the loan a data firm for Trump’s campaign got—nearly 14 times the PPP loan average.

$800,000 — The amount a company whose largest shareholder is Trump’s campaign manager received in a PPP loan.

7 percent Nearly a month into the PPP program, only 7 percent of small businesses said they had received funds.