Cases, Deaths & Hospitalizations Hit All-Time Highs As Trump Fails To Lead On Vaccines

The U.S. once again hit new all-time highs in coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations yesterday. At the same time, we learned of the extent of the Trump administration’s failed leadership, which continues today as Trump is nowhere to be found while vaccine distribution still faces obstacles, confusion, and shortages.

Yesterday, the U.S. hit new all-time highs in coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations, which set a record for the 11th day in a row.

CNN: “There was a trio of all-time highs in the data. A record number of new deaths — more than 3,500 — was reported Wednesday and there were more than 240,000 newly reported coronavirus cases. And the number of people in hospitals was at a high for the 11th day in a row.”

We also learned that a top Trump administration official demanded a herd immunity approach and actually wanted people to get infected.

Politico: “‘We want them infected’: Trump appointee demanded ‘herd immunity’ strategy, emails reveal”

It’s no wonder that a majority of Americans continue to say that the U.S. failed to take the coronavirus seriously enough.

Fox News: “As the first U.S. coronavirus inoculations take place, a majority thinks the country failed to take the virus seriously enough — and fewer than one in five says the virus is under control. … Fifty-six percent feel that the U.S. did not take the threat posed by coronavirus seriously enough.”

Meanwhile, vaccine distribution continues to face hurdles and confusion, and nursing homes still lack the supplies they need.

New York Times: “Vaccination Campaign at Nursing Homes Faces Obstacles and Confusion”

ABC News: “Initial supplies will not be enough to protect all of the 3 million people living in various types of congregate care and the 21 million health care professionals who serve them across the country.”

When Americans need him to lead, Trump is nowhere to be found, and he has barely even acknowledged the vaccine rollout.

Bloomberg: “Donald Trump pinned all his hopes for ending the pandemic on a vaccine, but as shots started going into American arms this week, the president has barely acknowledged the moment and has wavered on when he’ll be inoculated.”