Colorado Military Projects Could Lose $77 Million To Fund Trump’s Wall… Will Sen. Gardner Stand Up To Trump?

Yesterday, the Pentagon released a list of military construction projects that could be on the chopping block to fund Trump’s unnecessary and ineffective wall, including as much as $77 million in military construction projects in Fort Carson. Will Senator Gardner stand up to Trump after he broke his promise that Colorado taxpayers won’t pay for the wall?


Trump could cut $77 million in funding from essential military projects at Fort Carson.


Colorado Springs Gazette: “The Trump administration’s border wall project could raid $77 million in construction money from Fort Carson, according to a Pentagon list released to Congress on Monday. The list, released to The Gazette by U.S. Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, puts more than $10 billion in military construction projects across the country and abroad on the chopping block since President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to build the barrier along the Mexican border.”


Trump promised Senator Gardner that Colorado projects wouldn’t be affected by his national emergency declaration. Will Gardner stand up to him now?


Colorado Politics: “Jerrod Dobkin, the senator’s press secretary, said Gardner has received a commitment from Trump that no funds appropriated for Colorado military construction projects for fiscal year 2019 will go toward border wall funding.”