Coronavirus Cases Surge To New Records & Fauci Warns It Could Get Even Worse

Coronavirus cases are surging as a result of Trump’s failed leadership, and Dr. Fauci warns that it could get even worse. It’s no wonder Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

New coronavirus cases hit a single-day record high yesterday for the fourth time in a week.

New York Times: “The virus outlook in the United States is bad and getting worse. With more than 48,000 new cases on Tuesday, the country set a daily record for the fourth time in a week.”

Dr. Fauci warned that the crisis could get even worse and new cases could rise to 100,000 a day.

Bloomberg: “Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease specialist, warned lawmakers that coronavirus cases could rise to 100,000 a day if behaviors don’t change.”

FAUCI: “It is going to be very disturbing, I will guarantee you that.”

Over a dozen states have been forced to pause reopening plans and the hardest hit states are experiencing testing shortfalls.

Business Insider: “18 states and cities are pausing or reversing their reopenings as coronavirus cases spike”

Bloomberg: “Virus Testing Shortfalls Cause Lines to Build in Hard-Hit States”

Meanwhile, the White House can’t even decide if they want to inform the public about the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Politico: “President Donald Trump’s top aides are divided over the merits of resuming national news briefings to keep the public informed about the latest coronavirus statistics as infection rates spike in large states including California, Texas, Florida, Arizona and Georgia.”

Trump refuses to lead and is resolved to ignore the worsening pandemic.

CNN: “Trump refuses to lead as pandemic worsens and allies desert him on masks”

CNN: “Most Presidents would try to stop the United States from barreling toward disaster. But Donald Trump has nothing to say and no answers to mitigate a calamity unfolding on his watch that he seems resolved to ignore.”

It’s no wonder Americans across the country overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and it’s pushing his support lower.

Washington Post: “New evidence that Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic is pushing his support lower”

Politico: “Disapproval of the job Donald Trump is doing as president is continuing to rise, with nearly 6 in 10 voters giving the president negative marks amid a new coronavirus surge throughout parts of the country, according to a new poll.”

CNBC: “Voters in six key 2020 election states have little good to say about how President Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus as the pandemic tears through the country, according to a new CNBC/Change Research poll.”