Coronavirus Pandemic: The Devastating Economic Impact on Latinos and their Families

The coronavirus outbreak is dealing a hard-hitting blow to Latinos across the country, made worse by Trump’s failed response. As each day passes, the Latino community is facing insurmountable financial obstacles as this pandemic has left many without jobs and business owners on the brink of shutting down permanently.

Millions of Latinos are working essential jobs during this pandemic — they don’t have the luxury of staying home.

New York Times: “The pandemic is likely to hit the country’s 60 million Latinos particularly hard, both in terms of health and economics. Few can work from home — one study from a left-leaning research group found that just 16 percent could do so.

Newsday: “Farms, like grocery stores and food pantries, are considered essential parts of the food supply chain, along with their employees. But immigrant rights advocates said not all farms are offering protection for workers, who often are Latino immigrants, as they face a choice between possible exposure or not having income to support their families.”

Experts believe the coronavirus will be devastating to the short and long term financial stability of Latino business owners and workers. 

NBC News: “But the pandemic has left many out of work and pushed Latino business owners to the brink of shutting down. The crisis has either erased or is threatening to erase Latinos’ decade-long climb back to financial stability.”

Houston Public Media: “For Latino business owners — this downturn is looking bad according to Noel Poyo executive director of the National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders. This is going to be a long term macroeconomic hit on the U.S. economy. And then a sort of generational asset destruction for communities of color and low-income people in particular.”

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