Corporations Use Trump Tax To Give $2.5 Trillion Gift To Their Wealthy Shareholders, Not Their Worke

Corporations continue to use the Trump tax to benefit their wealthy shareholders in record numbers, not their workers. As if that weren’t bad enough, economists now warn that the Trump tax could lead to a recession. See for yourself:


Corporations are poised to shower their wealthy investors with a $2.5 trillion gift, not their workers.


Bloomberg: “Corporate America is set to shower investors with a record surge of cash. Between buybacks, dividends, and merger activities, companies are poised to plow $2.5 trillion into the stock market this year, according to UBS Group AG.”


Corporations are using the Trump tax to benefit their wealthy shareholders with record stock buybacks, up 83 percent this year.


CNBC: “Buybacks specifically have been on a torrid pace and are helping provide a floor to a market that for much of 2018 had looked tired and volatile after a 20 percent S&P 500 gain the year before. Repurchases are up 83 percent year to date, far ahead of the 9 percent gain in dividends, while M&A activity involving U.S. companies has surged 130 percent, according to UBS.”


Meanwhile, the Trump tax could trigger a recession by 2020, ending the economic expansion that began under President Obama.


Associated Press: “A Panel of 45 Economists Says Trump’s Tax Cuts Could Trigger a Recession By 2020”


Associated Press: “The current recovery, which began in mid-2009, is currently the second longest expansion in U.S. history and will become the longest if it lasts past June 2019.”