Country In Crisis: RNC Chaos Presidency Fact Sheet

Americans are paying the price for Trump’s failure and chaos. We cannot afford another four years of his failed leadership.

  • Trump’s chaotic leadership and his divisive rhetoric and actions have made it impossible to solve the challenges that we face as a nation. 
  • We cannot trust the health, economic well being, and lives of working families to Trump for another four years. It will get worse. 
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will bring this country together to solve the crises facing our nation. Their steady, unifying, experienced leadership is what we need to get control of this virus and build the country back better than before, for all of us.

Trump repeatedly failed to make deals for the American people.

  • Instead of making a deal with Congress to provide coronavirus relief, Trump took a backseat in negotiations except to derail a potential deal because he wanted to keep people from voting safely during the pandemic, in hopes it would help his reelection.
  • Trump failed to lead in combatting and containing the coronavirus, leaving it to a patchwork of the private sector and state and local leaders to handle the pandemic. The result: a unique failure on the global stage.
  • Trump refused to work with House Democrats on any policy, including infrastructure and lowering drug prices, because they exercised their constitutional oversight duties. And he has threatened to veto nearly every major piece of legislation passed by Democrats, while failing to put forward any of his own legislative solutions.

Trump spends his time tweeting, golfing, and watching cable news rather than working for the American people.

  • In his first three years, Trump sent more than 11,000 tweets and his private schedules showed he spent 60 percent of his time between November 2018 and January 2019 in “Executive Time.” 
  • Trump tweeted about things he was watching on television nearly 1,000 times over the past year and a half. And during the pandemic, he broke his record for most tweets in a single day.
  • Trump spent nearly one-third of his days in office at one of his own properties, and during the pandemic, he ignored his responsibility to lead the country and spent his time golfing as coronavirus deaths increased

Trump squandered America’s leadership on the world stage and allowed other countries to fill the vacuum.

  • The global opinion of the U.S. hit a record low under Trump’s failed leadership. On the global stage, Trump has ripped up agreements, but done little to achieve new deals, and he abandoned our allies and isolated the U.S.

Trump abused the rule of law as president to advance his political interests and protect his crooked allies.

  • Trump took illegal action to advance his anti-immigrant agenda, including stealing federal funding from military construction, curbing the right to asylum, and circumventing environmental protections.
  • Trump repeatedly broke the law as president by defying the Emoluments Clause and inviting foreign interference to aid his reelection.
  • Trump abused the pardon power to protect his cronies and gain political points while leaving tens thousands of Americans seeking clemency behind.

Despite his promises to drain the swamp, it only deepened under Trump.Trump hired a record number of lobbyists into his administration, and weakened ethics rules and lobbying restrictions. Dozens of Trump’s appointees went on to lobby after leaving the administration, despite Trump’s so-called ethics pledge, and lobbying spending hit a nine-year high in Trump’s swamp.