COVID Surges As Trump’s Vaccine Rollout Is ‘Not Working’

Trump has allowed the pandemic to surge uncontrolled across the country as his administration’s vaccine rollout continues to come up short.

The country is now averaging over 3,000 deaths and more than 250,000 cases per day.

NBC News: “The country has averaged 3,200 deaths per day and 256,000 cases per day the past seven days. Four weeks ago that number was an average 2,600 deaths and 225,000 cases per day.”

States across the country recorded their highest number of coronavirus hospitalizations last week.

Business Insider: “16 states recorded their highest number of COVID-19 hospitalizations this week as new cases reach an all-time high”

Meanwhile, the Trump administration’s vaccine rollout is “not working.”

CBS News: “Scott Gottlieb, the former director of the Food and Drug Administration, said Sunday that the nation’s strategy for administering coronavirus vaccines is ‘not working’ and encouraged public health officials to ‘hit the reset’ and take up a new approach to inoculate Americans faster.”

Politico: “Hospitals are throwing out doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine because the federal government is giving some of the facilities syringes that can only extract five doses from vials that often contain more.”