Coward of The Day: Senator Shelley Moore Capito

“With the largest Medicaid population in the country, few states would feel the brunt of a gutted Medicaid program quite like West Virginia. But, that didn’t stop Senator Shelley Moore Capito from voting to proceed on legislation that would slash the program nearly one-third of all West Virginians, including more than half of West Virginia children, rely on for their health care.

“It wasn’t long ago that Capito vowed to protect Medicaid. But, it should come as no surprise that after Trump paid a visit to her state over the weekend, Capito suddenly decided to abandon her promises and voted to proceed on the Republican health care repeal legislation that would devastate West Virginians. For turning her back on the more than 180,000 West Virginians who rely on Medicaid, Sen. Capito is the coward of the day,” said DNC Spokesperson Elizabeth Renda.

Senator Capito, on taking a stand for her constituents, before Trump’s West Virginia visit:

“Back here in West Virginia, where more than 30 percent of families rely on Medicaid, she doesn’t hesitate at the prospect of casting the vote that kills the GOP’s repeal effort.

‘I only see it through the lens of a vulnerable population who needs help, who I care about very deeply,’ the 63-year-old lawmaker said in an interview. ‘So that gives me strength. If I have to be that one person, I will be it.’”

Senator Capito, on protecting Medicaid before Trump’s West Virginia visit:

“This bill will not ensure access to affordable health care in West Virginia, does not do enough to combat the opioid epidemic that is devastating my state, cuts traditional Medicaid too deeply, and harms rural health care providers.

“As drafted, the Senate health care bill is not the right fix for West Virginia, and I cannot support it.”

Senator Capito, on why more money for opioid treatment won’t help if you can’t access that treatment, before Trump’s West Virginia visit:

“You can grant the state more money for [opioid] treatment, but if you can’t access the treatment, it’s not going to do you any good.”

Senator Capito, on the vote to proceed on the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which would gut Medicaid, after Trump’s West Virginia visit: