CPAC Brings Out the Worst of the Republican Party: Cruz and Hawley Are Up Next

This evening, Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley will take the stage at CPAC, where the Republican Party has rolled out the red carpet for their most spineless members. 

First up is none other than Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who famously left his spine somewhere between Mar-a-Lago and Cancun. He has fully sold his soul to Donald Trump and is now spreading lies while ignoring the fact that he spent four years enabling the defeated former president. 

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  • The Independent: “Ted Cruz dodges questions on Ukraine after trying to blame Biden: ‘Fake news’”

Last but not least today is Senator Josh Hawley who will make an appearance after saluting the rioters who beat police officers while waving Trump campaign and Confederate flags, and then excused their actions and fundraised off of it.

  • The Kansas City Star: “Insurrection, racism, appeasement: Call it the Hawley Trinity”
  • Insider: “Sen. Josh Hawley put a photo of his infamous Capitol-riot salute on a mug he’s selling as campaign merchandise”
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