Day 2: Vice President Kamala Harris Delivers Strong Rebuke of China During Speech in Singapore

While in Singapore, Vice President Harris delivered bold remarks on China. In her second trip abroad, Vice President Harris has met with world leaders and demonstrated the leadership of the United States. Her speech is the latest example of the United States standing up to China and restoring our spot on the world stage. 

Associated Press: Harris rebukes China in major speech on Indo-Pacific vision

  • “U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a sharp rebuke to China for its incursions in the South China Sea, warning its actions there amount to ‘coercion’ and ‘intimidation’ and affirming that the U.S. will support its allies in the region against Beijing’s advances.”

CNBC: Kamala Harris says Asia won’t have to choose between the U.S. and China 

  • “‘These unlawful claims have been rejected by the 2016 arbitral tribunal decision, and Beijing’s actions continue to undermine the rules based order and threaten the sovereignty of nations,’ [Harris] added. ‘The United States stands with our allies and partners in the face of these threats.’”

Bloomberg: Harris Blasts China, Says U.S. Won’t Push Asia to Pick Sides

  • “Harris’s remarks, billed by the White House as a major foreign policy speech, echoed the themes of other administration officials who have sought to engage more with allies in a break from Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ worldview.” 

Reuters: U.S. VP Harris says China intimidates to back South China Sea claims

  • “U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday accused Beijing of coercion and intimidation to back unlawful claims in the South China Sea, her most pointed comments on China during a visit to Southeast Asia, which she said was critical to U.S. security.”

New York Times: In Southeast Asia, Kamala Harris’s Message: You Can Count on the U.S.

  • “Vice President Kamala Harris sought to fortify the image of the United States as a credible ally by offering a sharp rebuke of China during an address on Tuesday in Southeast Asia.”