DAY 21: Workers Miss Their First Paycheck From The Trump Shutdown

The Trump Shutdown enters its 21st day and hundreds of thousands of workers across the country will now officially miss their paychecks. The Trump Shutdown has also forced thousands of workers to file for unemployment, hurt low-income senior citizens, and made our airlines less safe. Here’s the latest:


Workers will miss their first paycheck today because of the Trump Shutdown.


USA Today: “It was supposed to be payday. But paychecks are on hold for some 800,000 federal employees forced to go on unpaid leave or work without pay since Dec. 22 because of the government shutdown.”


The Trump Shutdown has already forced thousands of workers to file for unemployment.


CNBC: “Amid shutdown, thousands of federal workers file for unemployment”


CNBC: “More than 4,700 federal employees filed for unemployment in the last week of December, compared with 929 the week prior, according to the Department of Labor.”


The Trump Shutdown has kept low-income senior citizens from receiving housing funds.


NBC News: “’There’s no money’: Shutdown freezes HUD funds for low-income senior citizens”


NBC News: “The few federal employees left at HUD have been scouring the books, looking for a last-minute solution to fund hundreds of affordable housing contracts that have expired under the shutdown.”


The Trump Shutdown is making our airlines less safe.


Politico: “Airline safety ‘eroding’ as shutdown drags on”


Politico: “Virtually every segment of the aviation industry — from airlines to airports — is ramping up pressure on lawmakers and the White House to reopen the government, suggesting that a prolonged shutdown could seriously harm passengers and business.”


The Trump Shutdown could make it harder for taxpayers to receive assistance in filing their taxes.


The Hill: “A group of Senate Democrats on Thursday told Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that they were worried the partial government shutdown would make it hard for taxpayers to receive assistance from the IRS during the upcoming filing season. The senators raised concerns, specifically, that the shutdown led to the closure of the Taxpayer Advocate Service’s offices. The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent organization within the IRS that helps individuals and businesses with tax and filing issues.”