DAY 24: Trump Shutdown Hurts Our Economy, Forces Worker To Ration Insulin

As the Trump Shutdown enters its record-breaking 24th day, the impacts continue to worsen. One federal worker, who missed her first paycheck, was forced to ration insulin. The Trump Shutdown is costing our economy billions of dollars and is creating problems for travelers at airports across the country. Here’s the latest:


One federal worker was forced to ration insulin because of the Trump Shutdown.


NBC News: “Federal worker forced to ration insulin because of government shutdown”


The Trump Shutdown curtails infrastructure projects and food-processing inspections.


Wall Street Journal: “The partial federal government shutdown that became the longest on record Sunday is curtailing infrastructure projects, food-processing inspections and economic data used by Wall Street.”


The Trump Shutdown is costing billions of dollars in lost economic output.


Wall Street Journal: “Economists estimate the furlough of 380,000 federal workers—meaning they take unpaid leave—costs $1 billion to $2 billion a week in lost economic output.”


The Trump Shutdown is causing TSA staff shortages, making travel more difficult and less safe for Americans across the country.


Politico: “Dulles closes screening lanes, lines sprawl in Atlanta as shutdown strains air travel”


Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Hartsfield-Jackson security lines more than an hour long amid federal shutdown”


ABC 13: “TSA security checkpoint at Houston airport to remain closed Monday morning due to staffing shortage”