DAY 32: FBI Agents Warn The Trump Shutdown Is Hurting Their Ability To Protect Us

On the 32nd day of the Trump Shutdown, FBI agents have warned that the shutdown is hampering their ability to “protect the people of our country from criminals and terrorists.” Here’s that and more:


The FBI Agents Association warned Trump that his ongoing shutdown is hurting FBI agents and their ability to protect Americans.


CBS News: “The FBI Agents Association warned Tuesday that the ongoing government shutdown is not only hurting individual FBI employees and their families, but hampering key operations. Some of those affected operations, according to a series of statements the association released Tuesday, include efforts to thwart the same criminal enterprises President Trump claims the shutdown is meant to defeat in the long run. ‘The failure to fund the FBI is making it more difficult for us to do our jobs, to protect the people of our country from criminals and terrorists,’ FBIAA President Tom O’Connor told reporters in a conference call Tuesday.”


More than 13,000 FBI agents are on track to lose their health benefits for the rest of the year because of the Trump Shutdown.


WUSA9: “January 25 will add another pressure point to end the perilous and poisonous government shutdown, when thousands of FBI agents are on track to lose health benefits for the rest of the year. Agents learned Thursday their supplemental health insurance, specifically vision and dental, will lapse if the shutdown extends past two pay periods.”


The Trump Shutdown is hurting the most vulnerable Americans, including the homeless and those who are one crisis away from being homeless.


New York Times: “One month after the government shutdown began, its effects have begun to hurt some of the most vulnerable Americans: not just homeless people, but also those who are one crisis away from the streets. And nonprofit groups dedicated to helping low-income renters are already scrambling to survive without the lifeblood payments from HUD that began being cut off on Jan. 1.”


The Trump Shutdown is hurting a wide range of industries across the country.


Wall Street Journal: “The partial government shutdown is affecting a wide range of business and financial concerns nationwide. Shuttered government offices are stalling the approval of new loans, initial public offerings, the processing of tax documents, and the approval of new products such as prescription drugs, among other effects.”